6 Things Your Bike Mechanic Wishes You Would Stop Doing And One Thing They Wish You Would

6 Things Your Bike Mechanic Wishes You Would Stop Doing

Here are 6 things your bike mechanic wishes you would stop doing and one thing they wish you would. Click here to get to know more about his deep down desire!


When it comes to bike maintenance and repair, there are some rules for cyclists that a mechanic wishes you would follow and avoid.

These mechanic-approved dos and don’ts are secret things that he would be so happy if you did, making the work much easier for him. What are they? Keep scrolling down to dive deeper into this topic.

6 Things Your Bike Mechanic Wishes You Would Stop Doing And One Thing They Wish You Would

6 Cycling Mistakes You Should Avoid

1. Don’t Lubricate Too Much

Lubricating your bike’s drive chain periodically will bring back substantial benefits to your vehicle. Not only does this task help maintain the optimal performance of your bicycle, but it also gives your pal more protection.

Don’t Lubricate Too Much

However, many people believe that this maintenance should be done after each journey. This huge misleading will harm your vehicle most terribly, though. Your mechanic will surely get annoyed about it.

Excessive lubricant draws more dirt and grit, resulting in a filthy buildup on your drivetrain. Guess what? This can wear out your cycling parts more quickly than a dry chain. So the lesson is, with the lube chain, less is much better!

Many people tend to lube their disc brakes whenever they get noisy. The truth is, this action will ruin this part and cause danger to the rider. You will have a difficult time slowing down or stopping your transportation.

So, what should we do in this case? If you accidentally lubricate your disc brake rotors or pads, it is better to get new pads to be safe.

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2. Don’t Accuse Of Tiny Screws

Bet that you blame the tiny screws for the malfunction of your bike more than once. Most people will try to fix their vehicles first by tightening the screws to the limitation whenever their bikes run into trouble.

This is one of the mistakes that your mechanic wishes you would stop doing. There is no point in touching those screws. Why? Because most of the issues come from cable tension situations or the bent of your bicycle derailleur, not the mini bolts.

Don’t Accuse Of Tiny Screws

In case you don’t know, over-tightening screws can lead to a crash in the carbon-fiber frames and other parts, posing a serious threat to your riding. Furthermore, it can cause a far more costly and time-consuming repair for your vehicle.

Wholehearted advice for you: Don’t mess up with those screws unless you know exactly what to do. Don’t overdo something beyond your depth! Let the mechanic do the heavy-lifting for you, and they will get the job done at a glance.

However, it doesn’t mean that you are incapable of fixing your bikes by yourself. You can do it if you understand precisely the nuts and bolts of your vehicle.

3. Don’t Leave Your Bike Mucky

After finishing a ride, remember to give your bike a quick washing, especially on rainy or wet days. In case you are too lazy to do so, at least wipe down the frame by using a clean towel.

Everyone loves a shiny-looking bike, don’t they? Trust me; you don’t want to see your vehicle covered with stubborn dirt and grime in the wheel as well as other parts.

Don’t Leave Your Bike Mucky

A gallon-size weed sprayer is also a possibility to clean your bike. It will help you swiftly wipe out the dirt, greases, and oil after every ride. For those who don’t have one, you can totally alternate it with a bucket of warm soapy water to fulfill the cleaning task.

A small tip for you: Never send your vehicle to the car wash service. The high-pressure water is likely to cause damage to your hubs.

Always keeping your bicycle in a good look and condition will give you a huge motivation for the next journey. Imagine you are so down in the mood that you glue yourself on the bed for the whole day.

Especially for those who are overweight and struggling to make their first rides, will a mucky and filthy bike create enough drive and energy to pull you out of your bed? Absolutely not!

4. Don’t Place It Outside Or Leave It Unlocked

Have you ever thought of how much the total value of the stolen bicycles is each year? The answer may wow you: $300 million. Yes, you heard it right.

Many people are used to leaving their bikes outside the yard without getting them locked. They don’t see the need to do so.

Their convenience for a moment is a perfect opportunity for those thieves to steal the bikes easily. When they discover their losses the next morning, it is just too late. What a steep trade-off for a small convenience!

Don’t Place It Outside Or Leave It Unlocked

Even if your vehicle is securely locked outside, it is still not enough. Rain, snow, snifter, and other harsh weather conditions can impair your bike. As a result, it will cost you a bunch of money to fix it.

What lesson should we learn from here? Never leave your bike outside!

Instead, use some hardware-store storage to make storing bikes in the garage a snap, which only charges you with some bucks. Don’t even have a garage? Not a problem! Simply place your bike neatly somewhere in your house, like hanging a masterpiece of art!

5. Don’t Delay Periodic Maintenance

Prevention is always better than cure.

That is so true! Periodic preservation is the greatest way to keep your bicycle in perfect working order. You should be able to keep your eyes on all recommended intervals for specific components of your bicycle. For example, brakes, chains, chain tension, wheels, tires, frames, shocks, etc.

Don’t Delay Periodic Maintenance

The more costly your bicycle, the more care you need to pay while using it. You definitely don’t want to ruin a $500 cassette just because of your inattentiveness. It would be a huge waste of money!

Many people may detest this claim, saying that periodic services are unnecessary and time-wasting. From the bottom of my heart, I can tell you that opinion can’t stray further from the truth. Here are three key reasons that I believe this work is a must-do task:

  • Regular maintenance will help to keep your bike at its highest performance, making your ride more effortless.
  • With frequent servicing, chances of unexpected breakdowns and part failures reduce drastically. Accordingly, the possibilities of accidents decrease.
  • Lastly, this action will randomly produce a strong motivation for riders. You will find yourself more committed to your riding, as well as doing exercise. You are aware of the need to take responsibility for your health. What is greater than that?

6. Don’t Hustle Your Mechanic

No mechanic wants to rush in their work. You can’t bring in your filthy and broken bike to the garage and expect them to do the servicing just on the night before your ride.

Maintaining and fixing a bicycle requires meticulous work and high concentration. There is no way this can be done overnight!

Don’t Hustle Your Mechanic

All the bike mechanics that I ever spoke to emphasized the significance of communication.

If you want to have your bike maintained, you need to make a call first to see whether the mechanic is available or not. Then, choose a specific date and time, and ask for the day your bike is expected to be done fixing.

More essentially, you should be able to be upfront about what you’ve gone through and as supportive as possible. Don’t hesitate to confess anything. Be candid with your mechanic about your bike’s current condition, and they will know precisely what to do.

The short lesson here: Don’t have your cloak to make when it begins to rain. Be open to sharing everything with your reliable mechanic.

What Should You Do?

Cleaning your bike frequently is the first and easiest thing you can do for your bike. You know what, your mechanic will be very content with it.

Cleaning your bike frequently

A sponge or a scrub, along with a bucket of warm water and dishwashing liquid, will be an ideal choice to finish the task. Remember to clean the cogs and the chain with a brush thoroughly before applying a degreaser.

Bicycle tires should also be your top priority when it comes to cleaning. This component contributes an integral part to the motion of your bike. You can take your tires out and carefully look for signs of wear or damage.

Use a cloth to remove all the debris such as grass, mud, or small leftover objects. With other parts of the tires, it is better to use a dampened cloth with dishwashing cleaner.

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Now, you’ve prepared yourself with 6 things your bike mechanic wishes you would stop doing and one thing they wish you would. Possessing a bike means taking care of it and ensuring that it does not receive any damage or tear down.

A bike that is in perfect condition will never fall short of your expectations. Riding a well-maintained bicycle will not only bring you mental happiness but also many health benefits. For that reason, always remember to provide your lovely vehicle with the best treatments!

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