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Founded in 2021, ABA Bike is a web publication that seeks to share the beauty of cycling and inspire riders of all skill levels to become better, smarter riders.

We primarily focus on road cycling – from professional cycling to challenging local recreational treks – but occasionally strive at other disciplines (including mountain biking and cyclocross). We cover three key areas (more on that below) such as:

  • Cycling tips: Learn more about how to improve not only your cycling skills and performance, but also other important aspects like bike maintenance and safety precautions.
  • Cycling Travels: Explore popular destinations, routes and trails among mountain and off-road riders. We also cover some of the popular cycling events happening around the world.
  • Cycling Gear: Every cyclist loves to talk about their gear. U.S. too. We’ve got summaries and reviews of all our favorite gear from accessories, apparel, bikes, and more.

A group of active and experienced cyclists make up our team of collaborators. Our goal is to create high quality, engaging and useful content for you. We have designed the site cleanly to give you the best user experience while you are here.

Finally, we hope you enjoy your stay here. We also encourage you to provide feedback on areas we can improve or new content you would like to see covered. What really excites us is your behind-the-scenes stuff that you can’t easily find elsewhere, if we can share that with us, we’ll be more motivated to write and share all the best answers for your good value.


ABA Bike was founded in September 2021 by former America Health educator Jame K. Thomas.

When Jame started racing in America, he noticed many new and different things cyclists were doing here that he hadn’t seen elsewhere. Everywhere in the world he rode he noticed these little peculiarities, but he never stayed long enough to think about them.

After a while he started blogging to share all the cycling tips he had learned from his own experience and from his cycling communities over the years. It’s become something more now, but Jame  and his team still enjoys writing about new things he learns and explore in deeply about his passion – cycling.


If you need to contact us, please email us at “[email protected]”.

ABA Bike
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