Best Budget Cycling Glasses 2023 Reviews And Buying Guide

Best Budget Cycling Glasses

Looking for a good pair of shades for your ride? Here are the best budget cycling glasses 2023 to shield your eyes from sun and debris without breaking your bank!

It is not all about the statement of fashion when it comes to riding sunglasses. Eye protection is even more critical for cyclists due to the requirements of the job. A good set of cycling sunglasses will protect your eyes from the sun, wind, debris, bugs, and whatever comes your way. 

So, if you are asking us whether riding glasses is necessary, the answer is a resounding YES! 

If you’re considering a good pair of sunglasses without hurting your bank account, check out our roundups of the best budget cycling glasses 2022!

Our Top Picks:

Best Budget Cycling Glasses 2023 Reviews

#1. X-TIGER Polarized – Best Overall

X-TIGER Polarized - Best Overall

X-TIGER Polarized – Best Overall


  • Lens type: Polarized
  • Number of lenses: 5
  • Frame material: Stress Resistant TR90
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 19.2g
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X-Tiger costs a mere fraction of name brand competition yet delivers satisfactory performance for budget-conscious cyclists.

You’ll get not only decent-quality optics but also five cylindrical lenses to accommodate varying riding conditions (a polarized lens included). They are made of highly flexible resin while also being impact-resistant and offering 100% UV protection. 

The clear lens is made for medium to low lights, the Revo lens for both day and night rides yet without improving contrast, and the polarized one for bright light conditions while effectively eliminating glare.

Sized for narrow and wide heads, the myopia frame is fitted with grippy rubber nose pads for a comfortable, jiggle-free fit. It is made of TR90 material that is stress-resistant and can flex well to embrace a wide range of head widths. 

We also should give props to the way the brand distances the frame and the wearer’s face perfectly, which can help avoid conflict against the cheeks and brows for ultimate comfort. 

The optical clarity of the X-TIGER is not top-notch, yet it is more than we could ask for at this price point. Nevertheless, you’ll notice a bit of distortion towards the periphery. It means that side-glance views of these shades are not as perfect as other higher-end models. 


  • Five lenses included
  • Durable materials to handle accidental drops
  • Great protection against wind and sun
  • Good coverage


  • Peripheral distortion
  • Does not enhance contrast

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#2. ForceFlex FF500 – Best For Durability

ForceFlex FF500 - Best For Durability

ForceFlex FF500 – Best For Durability


  • Lens Type: Non-polarized
  • Number of lenses: 1
  • Frame material: Patented memory elastomer
  • UV protection: Permanent 100% UV400 protection coating
  • Weight: 36g
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These 36-gram ForceFlex FF500 exceed all military and ballistic standards and are virtually indestructible. Indeed, this is stellar as no one wants their shades to disintegrate upon a fall or accident. 

The manufacturer really invested in their technology, including Foreflex 8 patents and seven pending patents, to bring out flexible sports glasses that absorb impact and reduce breakage risks. The lenses are constructed of impact-resistant polycarbonate to further improve the product’s durability.

Living up to the name “ForceFlex”, these glasses could be bent and twisted 180 degrees in any direction with our bare hands, and the only thing that happens is they spring back to their original shape. 

Besides, these optics are also coated with anti-scratch and anti-fog substances, giving another fortress against both physical damage and fog forming. The anti-scratch coating, in particular, is claimed to be six times more effective compared to standard models. 

The view behind the lenses isn’t as vibrant as more expensive competitors, yet these sunnies offer 100 percent UVA/UVB protection while reducing the glare pretty well. We got a great field of view with these glasses with no distortion across the entire lens.

However, ForceFlex FF550 falls short, in contrast, making it not the best companion for trail riding. Your vision might get slightly dimmer when these shades reduce the intense light getting into your eyes. This trade-off is reasonable, especially when your eyes are sensitive to sunlight. 


  • Exceptionally durable
  • Effective anti-fog coating
  • Blocks UVA/UVB rays
  • Distortion-free optics


  • Lenses do not add contrast
  • Not for trail riding

#3. Tifosi Crit Sport – Best For Value

Tifosi Crit Sport - Best For Value

Tifosi Crit Sport – Best For Value


  • Lens Type: Non-polarized
  • Number of lenses: 1
  • Frame material: Grilamid TR-90
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 31g
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Right in the first mirror check, we are hooked at once by the shades’ great fit. The ends of the arms are adjustable, allowing you to dial in the fit. With the soft hydrophilic rubber, these sunnies grip excellently to your face even in damp conditions, either with sweat or rain.

The lenses are vented, so they remain totally clear of fogging when riding. You might see that they mist up when you stop, but the misting level is no more than a standard pair of cycling glasses.

With the scratch-resistant, shatterproof, optically decentered polycarbonate lenses, we experience no distortion and unwanted magnification with these shades. 

Besides, these lenses offered were top-notch in our test. You’ll also benefit from 100% protection from harmful UVA/UVB rays from these quality lenses. 

We would like to have some more coverage from these shades as the top of the frame and bottoms of the lenses sometimes block peripheral vision. 


  • Good price-to-quality ratio
  • Great fit even if they get wet
  • Clear mist fast
  • Comfortable to wear
  • A good field of vision with excellent clarity


  • Fogging issues on slow climbs
  • Improvable coverage

#4. Tifosi Sledge – Best For Dust Protection

Tifosi Sledge - Best For Dust Protection

Tifosi Sledge – Best For Dust Protection


  • Lens Type: Non-polarized
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Frame material: Grilamid TR-90 
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 40g
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These one-piece shades aren’t the largest that we tested, yet the coverage they provide is quite impressive for effective dust and sun protection.

Thanks to the close, wraparound fit of the frames, Tifosi Sledge tops the list as the most protective pair of shades, shielding cyclists well from dust, debris, and branches that throw at them on the road or trail. 

This close fit also prevents strong gusts from sneaking past the lenses so that you won’t end up with watery eyes mid-ride. 

There are also hydrophilic rubber contact points at the ears and nose to improve fit and comfort, so we are unlikely to see these shades get slippery, even when we sweat profusely. This is great if you’re a hard-core fan of rough, rocky descents when mountain bike riding. 

In the hard case, you’ll find two lenses, including AC Red and Clear, in addition to the Smoke lens that comes attached to the Grilamid TR-90. 

They’re enough for you to ride from darkness to bright sunlight. All of them are also decentered, meaning you’ll enjoy your field of vision with minimal distortion. With 100% of UVA and UVB rays protection, your eyes are also saved from the punishing sunlight, especially in long-haul rides.

On the downside, it’s quite challenging to dial in the lens-swapping mechanism. You need to flex the frame to pop out the current lense and swap in the new one, but you need to be mindful of the force used to avoid snapping the whole thing. 

It takes a bit of practice (and leaps of faith!) before you can be proficient at this.


  • Three lenses included
  • Robust Grilamid TR-90 frame
  • Excellent fit with grippy, comfortable contact points
  • Great wind protection


  • Hard to change lenses
  • Not highly adjustable 
  • Quite heavy

#5. Tifosi Alliant – Best For Various Light Conditions

Tifosi Alliant - Best For Various Light Conditions

Tifosi Alliant – Best For Various Light Conditions


  • Lens type: Photochromic
  • Number of lenses: 1 
  • Frame material: Grilamid TR-90
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 30g
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The Tifosi Alliant sunglasses are well vented and well constructed, accompanied by photochromic lenses that make them ideal for a very broad range of light conditions.

Their nose and earpieces and the ends of the arms are adjustable so riders can get the fit in a more-or-less customized way to suit their face and head. Thanks to this feature, these shades can stay in place even when you’re up and down on the bumpiest road. 

Yet, the star of the show here is the photochromic lens with its ability to transition from clear to dark according to the available light conditions. 

You can keep these shades on from pre-dawn to when the sun rises as the lenses automatically adjust and become darker. That’s where this type of lens shines, as you won’t have to carry different sets of lenses with you if light conditions are changeable.

Tifosi Alliant shares the same quibble with the majority of performance glasses. Although each lens has multiple air vents to eliminate fogging, it can fog slightly at a mid-ride stop. 


  • Photochromic lenses to cover all eventualities
  • Vented lenses to prevent fog-forming
  • Adjustable, hydrophilic ear and nose pieces
  • Good build quality


  • Fogs when you stop
  • Long arms that won’t sit well with some helmets

#6. Torege Polarized – Best For Bright, Sunny Days

Torege Polarized - Best For Bright, Sunny Days

Torege Polarized – Best For Bright, Sunny Days


  • Lens type: Polarized
  • Number of lenses: 1 
  • Frame material: EMS-TR90
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 20.5g
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Our first impression is the attempt of Torege to bring out the most protective lenses for the wearers. 

Constructed from seven layers, including an anti-glare polarization layer, two bond layers, two layers with UV400 protecting properties, and the last two ones for shatter-resistance, Torege’s lenses deliver exactly what we need in quality performance glasses. 

These lenses will be met with huge appreciation from your eyes, especially when the sun is in its full force. They truly block quite a bit of light while also reducing reflected and scattered glares, making them a good choice of eyewear for rounds in the middle of the day.

The highly durable, lightweight Grilamid TR90 frame can take a serious beating, too. Meanwhile, grippy rubber on nose pads and stems prevents these shades from moving around or up and down during swings. 

Torege Polarized are quite too dark in less bright or overcast conditions, however, so you may want to switch them out for an alternate pair of shades instead.


  • Deal with sunlight and glare excellently
  • Lightweight for extended rides
  • Lifetime warranty on the frame and lens
  • Durable frame 
  • Stylish design


  • Not recommended for overcast conditions
  • Low-quality strap

#7. KAPVOE Cycling Glasses – Best For Multiple Lenses

KAPVOE Cycling Glasses - Best For Multiple Lenses

KAPVOE Cycling Glasses – Best For Multiple Lenses


  • Lens type: Polarized (only black lens)
  • Number of lenses: 5
  • Frame material: TR90 frame
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 34g
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Some cycling glasses come with interchangeable lenses, so you only need a single frame to embrace different settings. KAPVOE is a case in point which is generous enough to throw in up to 5 lenses for your convenience. 

Yellow lens is for improving visual contrast and clarity, which is suitable for evening, fog, and rainy days. 

On the other hand, the silver lens can effectively filter the blue light, which is reflected by water and the sky. HD clear lens is the most suitable for riding in the evening or in low lighting conditions. 

Thanks to the full-frame design, these riding glasses can better shield your eyes against wind or dust. The lens has a slight curvature with lower air resistance, rendering KAPVOE a comfortable pair of shades for speed lovers.

Our sole complaint is that the yellow lens seems a bit too bright; therefore, we can only use it in very dark conditions.


  • Five lenses for different needs
  • Ideal for high-speed cycling
  • Can be used for many different kinds of sports
  • Curved lenses for low air resistance


  • The yellow lens is too bright

#8. ROCKBROS Polarized – Best For Long Rides

ROCKBROS Polarized - Best For Long Rides

ROCKBROS Polarized – Best For Long Rides


  • Lens type: Polarized
  • Number of lenses: 1
  • Frame material: TR memory material
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 22g
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ROCKBROS Polarized comes with an ultra-lightweight frame made of rugged TR, at only 22g, and we sometimes forget about their presence. 

The silicone temple and anti-skid nose assist these sports sunglasses in fitting comfortably on your nose bridge and ears. Indeed, they are a pleasure to wear during extended rides.

If you’re not sure how many miles you should cycle per week, check out this article: How many cycling miles per week!

There is much more about these sunnies that you will adore, especially when it comes to the coating. It is made of anti-fogging properties to resist oil and soil and rebuffs water. For this reason, the lenses stay clear from the start to the end of your ride.

ROCKBROS Polarized does have its limitations, however. Some people noted that these shades are quite on the smaller size, and they were uncomfortable for large heads. 


  • Super lightweight
  • Curved for low air resistance during high-speed rides
  • Anti-slip nose and ear pads
  • Frame with military-grade impact resistance


  • Only for small to medium head sizes

#9. Torege Polarized With 3 Interchangeable Lenses – Best For Rimless Frame

Torege Polarized With 3 Interchangeable Lenses - Best For Rimless Frame

Torege Polarized With 3 Interchangeable Lenses – Best For Rimless Frame


  • Lens type: Non-polarized
  • Number of lenses: 3
  • Frame material: TR90
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 31g
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The manufacturer chose a rimless jacket design for the frame to improve the coverage, so the lower vision field is much wider. The rimless frame is the choice of many time trialists and triathletes, as there is nothing obstructing in their line of vision while riding from the aggressive aero position.

In addition, The TOREGE technology used in these shades brings better definition and improves contrast for the lenses, so you can see more details about what lies ahead of the trail. 

Torege Polarized has a quite simple look. It could be a good thing for minimalist riders, but others can consider it generic.


  • Great rimless design for an unobstructed field of vision
  • Improved definition and contrast
  • Quick replacement mechanism
  • Durable


  • Basic look 

#10. HUBO SPORTS – Best For Easy Lens Replacement

HUBO SPORTS - Best For Easy Lens Replacement

HUBO SPORTS – Best For Easy Lens Replacement


  • Lens type: Polarized and non-polarized
  • Number of lenses: 5
  • Frame material: TR90
  • UV protection: UVA and UVB
  • Weight: 0.14 kilograms
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HUBO SPORTS Cycling Glasses come with four extra lenses so riders can accommodate different riding conditions. The transparent lens protects during cloudy days, pink and yellow lenses for light enhancement, and polarized lense for blocking glare. 

Most importantly, you can alternate these lenses in just one simple step: pull the pads down, remove the lens, put in the new one, and you’re good to go. 

The wearing comfort is also taken to a notch. HUBO Sports tried to make their shades suitable for a wide range of faces with the comfy adjustable nose pad. It has a soft yet durable stainless steel inside and rubber material on the outside to prevent discomfort even when worn for an extended ride session. 

HUBO Sports is also highly breathable, ideal for riding on cold, humid days. The holes across the lenses do a good job of circulating the air out, which helps to minimize fogging issues. 

Many users complained about the difficulty they encountered while swapping out the lenses. Otherwise, these sunnies are a bargain!


  • Straightforward lens changing mechanism
  • Five replaceable lenses for different riding conditions
  • Very affordable
  • Effective fogging reduction


  • Hard to change lenses

Buying Guide – How To Choose The Best Budget Cycling Sunglasses


Depending on the riding conditions, you can choose the best lenses that are good for riding in the daytime, at night, or during foggy conditions. 

The good news is even models that belong to the budget bracket also offer additional lenses for you to swap to suit different light conditions easily. 

Photochromic lenses are another option that self-adjust their light transmission value to match the natural light level. In particular, they can automatically go from a dark shade on bright sunny days to a clearer color when it gets overcast or darker. This type of lens will fit the bill for those who do not want the hassle of carrying multiple lenses with them!

Another consideration is choosing between polarized and non-polarized lenses. Polarized lenses are usually mirrored and darker than their non-polarized counterparts. 

If you’re riding in very bright light conditions for extended periods of time or along highly reflective bodies, such as a lake or snow-covered area, then polarized lenses are a must-have.

Whether it’s regular or photochromic lenses, make sure your lenses of choice tick these two boxes:

UV Protection

For a long day in the saddle and being exposed to the intense sun, UV protection is of utmost importance. We suggest checking whether the lenses have UV protection properties. 


Anti-fogging coating and air vents are important to prevent fogging on the lenses. This is not only necessary when you ride in cold, foggy weather but also on hot days when your face sweat aplenty. 


Cyclists are often set on the fence between rimmed and rimless options when it comes to frames. Rimmed frames have a frame that wraps around them, whereas rimless frames do not. 

Time trialists and triathletes often prefer rimless frames. From the aggressive aero position, there is no obstruction in their line of vision with the lack of a frame. Road cyclists or mountain bikers, on the other hand, might want to go for rimmed sunglasses. 


Fit is also a crucial factor to consider. Your riding glasses should fit your head and face without causing any discomfort. They should not conflict with your helmet. 

To ensure the perfect fit, riding glasses come with ergonomic features such as an adjustable nose piece or rubber grippers along the legs so the glasses can stay put during even the most raucous rides.

Prescription Option

The riding glasses must meet the prescription lenses requirement for glasses and contact lens wearers.  

The good news is that many budget models are also compatible with prescription glasses. It is not surprising to see shades that cost $70 or well under to offer you this choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What Color Glasses Are Best For Cycling?

Cycling glasses often come with amber and pink lenses, which boost visual acuity for riders to see things clearer. These lenses give the brightest field of vision and are perfect for low to zero light conditions. 

With their strength in color contrast, these colors are incredibly preferred by cyclists. 

Why Are Cycling Glasses So Big?

Large lenses offer a wider field of vision. This is critical when racing in a team or making a quick descent, as the ability to see everything in detail will help you ride safely at high speeds. 

On top of that, large lenses act as a protective layer for your eyes against wind, bugs, and dust. This helps mitigate eye fatigue (due to strong gusts) and blurry vision (due to dust particles or bugs attacking your eyes). 

Do You Need Cycling Glasses?

A good pair of cycling sunglasses can be of great benefit for those cycling frequently. More specifically, they’ll offer riders a wide range of benefits over non-cycling glasses, such as a wider field of vision, enhanced clarity and definition, improved wind and dust protection, better impact resistance, and, perhaps, fashion style. 

The fit is also better, providing more comfort for you while wearing these sunglasses. 

For these reasons, we believe that a decent pair of cycling glasses are a worthy investment, but you should be clear about your needs.

If you only ride in good weather, then will you need multiple replaceable lenses or an extra pair for low lighting conditions, or should that amount of money be spent on something else to enhance your riding experience?

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Overall, our top pick is the Tifosi Crit Sport for its convenient swift changing light lens, comfort fit, and anti-fog ability. The X-TIGER Polarized is also worth considering if you’re looking to get the best bangs for your bucks. 

If you think you’re likely to be rough with your glasses, then the robustness and durability of ForceFlex FF500 might be a good choice. 

Looking for some versatility? Then consider the Tifosi Alliant or the KAPVOE Cycling Glasses, which come with different lenses for you to swap accordingly. 

Hope you can find your favorite in our compilation of the best budget cycling glasses 2023. If you want to look at other products or brands, refer to our buying advice to make the right decision!

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