The Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness 2023 – End The Post-ride Pain!

Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness

Nothing saps the enjoyment from your ride faster than aching, tingling hands. How about investing in the best cycling gloves for hand numbness 2023 for prevention?

The last thing we want while cycling is to feel that tingling, aching sensation deep inside our wrists or fingers. Then again, many don’t have the luxury of finishing their ride free of it. 

Keeping a tight grip on the handlebars to hold the bike straight eventually compresses the nerves inside the hands, increasing the pressure on certain muscle points. If you fail to include in your cycling getup the necessary precaution, the induced pain might get you off the saddle pretty soon.

The best cycling gloves for hand numbness 2023 are designed for this particular job! Read on for the guide we put together after considering various high-rating options in terms of quality and functionality. 

You might find a solution for the ever-present stress each ride forces your hands to endure in some of them. 

Our Top Picks:

The Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness 2023 – An In-depth Reviews

#1. MOREOK Bicycle Gloves For Cycling – Best Overall

MOREOK Bicycle Gloves For Cycling - Best Overall

MOREOK Bicycle Gloves For Cycling – Best Overall

  • Material: Lycra, Silicone, Suede
  • Padding type: 5mm gel SBR padding
  • Purpose: Cycling, hiking, and other outdoor uses
  • Washing method: Machine-washable
  • Weather-resistant feature: Water-resistant
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It isn’t hard for us to determine that MOREOK bicycle gloves would top the list, seeing as it’s a product of premium lycra. The fabric itself is now widely applied in clothes making with how it enhances the resilience and shape-retention properties – what cyclists happen to look for in their riding gear. 

This confirms that the irritating wrinkles won’t have a chance to show up after pulling them off your hands or out of the washing machine. 

Yes, you hear it right, the washing machine. Lycra gloves aren’t too demanding about the procedure used to make them clean again. You should be fine, as long as there is no chlorine bleach involved. 

As an enhancement for breathability (which the fabric tends to have a lower rating of), the gloves follow a mesh-like design where pores exist on the surface for your sweat to evaporate. 

Combined with the 5MM SBR padding on the bearing position of the hands, a synthetic compound superior in shock-absorbing, they make sure to protect you against discomfort and numbness at the same time.

The one drawback is that the gel pad in this pair of gloves can run thicker than your taste.


  • Flexibility for an optimal fit
  • Anti-slip coating on the palm
  • Half-finger design to reduce sweating


  • Thick gel pad that might feel bulky

#2. INBIKE Mountain Bike Cycling Gloves – Best For Comfortable Padding

2. INBIKE Mountain Bike Cycling Gloves - Best For Comfortable Padding

INBIKE Mountain Bike Cycling Gloves – Best For Comfortable Padding

  • Material: Lycra
  • Padding Type: EVA padding
  • Purpose: Spring, summer, and fall cycling
  • Washing method: Machine-washable
  • Weather-resistant feature: Water-resistant
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INBIKE Mountain Bike Cycling Gloves use EVA (Ethylene-vinyl acetate) for the shock-dispersing foam. This synthetic compound is lightweight and designed with the right amount of rigidity, which is as good in protecting your hands as it is in relieving pressure. 

As the padding extends all across your hands, the weight will be well-distributed over a large area instead of focusing on certain muscle points. Getting tired before you even finish one lap on the track isn’t going to be a common occurrence in your fingers again.  

Resting above this palm cushion is a blend of high-elastic lycra and well-ventilated mesh fabric to free up all the sweat in your hands within seconds. In other words, you’ll get to ride with maximum comfort all day long.

We can’t say our interest is mutual with the velcro strap encircling the wrist sections. The two of them being larger than they are supposed to provide nothing but a cumbersome feeling as we speed off.


  • Super shock absorption for pain and fatigue
  • Mesh design on the back to drive out the sweat faster
  • Easy to put on and pull off


  • Oversized velcro tape

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#3. HTZPLOO Bike Gloves – Best For Thin Design

3. HTZPLOO Bike Gloves - Best For Thin Design

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves – Best For Thin Design

  • Material: lycra, nylon, and polyester
  • Padding Type: Silicone gel padding
  • Purpose: Cycling and other outdoor activities
  • Washing method: Machine-washable
  • Weather-resistant feature: Water-resistant
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HTZPLOO Bike Gloves won our attention with a streamlined construction that adds little pressure to the palms. The polyester – nylon hybrid they’re made out of earns you this handy offering. These fabrics provide a lighter structure, and gloves from them hardly require a breaking-in period. In fact, you have the necessary flexibility to control the bike at will right in the first time trying them. 

The gloves are lined with anti-slip silicone gel on the insides, their own protection against numb hands over the length of your ride. Stretching over a large area of the palm can stabilize your grip by properly distributing the applied pressure. 

What we hope to see improvement is the sizing. A pair of these might be much bigger than bike gloves of similar sizes from other brands.


  • Durable and lightweight gloves
  • Effective palm design to control the bike with ease
  • Lycra on the back to conform to your hands


  • Larger than your own size

#4. Grebarley Cycling Gloves – Best For Night Ride

4. Grebarley Cycling Gloves - Best For Night Ride

Grebarley Cycling Gloves – Best For Night Ride

  • Material: Lycra
  • Padding Type: silicone gel SBR padding
  • Purpose: Night cycling
  • Washing method: Machine-washable
  • Weather-resistant feature: Quick drying
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Featuring reflective strips right at the front of your knuckles, a clever choice of placement that makes them most visible to approaching vehicles, these gloves ease your concerns when pedaling into the night. 

Since the limit in vision is also true in your case, the lycra in them can be a great help. Its non-slip quality keeps your fingers tight around the handlebars, letting you ride with more controllability.

As with any lycra cycling gloves, these have the right amount of durability and comfort in their texture. The go-to fabric of today’s sportswear industry doesn’t disappoint in treating your hands to an ideal fit that isn’t affected by sweats whatsoever (there is a reason, it dries fast and comes with holes for breathability). 

As an added bonus, these gloves are finished with thick silicon gel SBR pads under the palms. Their well-thought-out arrangement serves to soothe the muscles constantly under pressure during the ride, reducing the tingling sensation.

The issue with these Grebarley options is not so different from the HTZPLOO Bike Gloves in that they can do with a new sizing scheme. What you receive might go a size smaller and needs returning.


  • Practical features for a night ride
  • Soft and smooth to give a skin-like feeling
  • Anti-tear and reduce friction


  • Might come in a smaller size

#5. LuxoBike Cycling Gloves – Best Touch Screen Cycling Gloves

5. LuxoBike Cycling Gloves - Best Touch Screen Cycling Gloves

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves – Best Touch Screen Cycling Gloves

  • Material: Microsuede and spandex
  • Padding Type: Anti-slip silicone gel
  • Purpose: Mountain cycling and other outdoor activities
  • Washing method: Machine-washable
  • Weather-resistant feature: Water-resistant
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Save for the tips of the thumb and index fingers that have been modified to interact with smart devices, the rest of these LuxoBike gloves are microsuede to maintain the comfort factor at the highest level. In case the term is new, the presence of microsuede results in a lighter yet firmer structure in the handwear. 

Our next favorite thing about the fabric is the better breathability to eliminate the issue of stuffy hands. The sweat evaporates almost right away upon getting out from under the fabric. This is obviously good news, considering none of us want to deal with stains on the phone screen when our fingers are done swiping through it.

Being cycling gloves for numbness, they feature plenty of gel padding across the palm to relieve whatever pain or fatigue that the nonstop pressure from gripping might cause. From our perspective, this is quite a chance to increase riding efficiency and prolong your saddle time!

These gloves, however, don’t perform well in colder conditions at all, which pretty much contradicts their claim of being able to withstand temperatures below 45oF.


  • Useful touch screen capability
  • Supple, breathable fabric
  • Slip-resistant palm


  • Not for cold temperatures

#6. FIRELION Men/Women Bicycle Cycling Gloves – Best For Long-range Ride

6. FIRELION Men_Women Bicycle Cycling Gloves - Best For Long-range Ride

FIRELION Men_Women Bicycle Cycling Gloves – Best For Long-range Ride

  • Material: Nylon
  • Padding Type: Shock-proof liner
  • Purpose: Cycling, driving, and other outdoor activities
  • Washing method: Machine-washable
  • Weather-resistant feature: Water-resistant
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What goes inside the gloves are shock-absorbing liners, a fine replacement for typical gel padding, if you’re wondering. It fills the palms with supportive padding that safeguards your hands for as long as you want to pedal. A rigorous training schedule matters not.

These full-finger gloves use quality nylon for the outer layer, which is best described as firm, elastic, and well-ventilated to feel cool against your skin. There is no way you are unaware that these are the prerequisites for long-range bike gloves at this point. 

The next part about the gloves deserving praise is their long-lasting build. Our various tests on longer trails never fail to turn up with something impressive about the padding. 

Breakage is nothing to be concerned about as it properly divides the pressure across all bearing positions. As it holds up well through time and distance, you can expect to have the gloves’ protective properties at your disposal for the upcoming miles.

That being said, the gloves might be subject to wear and tear if you encounter rough tracks on a daily basis. The nylon is too lightweight for that challenge.


  • Extra padding for support
  • Strong and high-quality material
  • Breathable mesh on the back 


  • Not ideal for rugged trails

#7. ROVOS Women’s Cycling Gloves – Best For Feminine Design

7. ROVOS Women's Cycling Gloves - Best For Feminine Design

ROVOS Women’s Cycling Gloves – Best For Feminine Design

  • Material: Lycra
  • Padding Type: Foam padding
  • Purpose: General trail cycling and other activities
  • Washing method: Hand wash is recommended
  • Weather-resistant feature: Water-resistant
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The name speaks for itself. Almost all the components of these nice-looking gloves are catered to the taste of the ladies. Their lightweight lycra construction and the delicate flower printing on the side reflect this well.

The fabric choice also means an improvement in breathability, doing away with the sweat before there can be any buildup on the inside. It all evaporates through the top, where the fabric’s density thins out to assist this brief process. No more struggle to keep your hands dry and comfortable throughout the bike rides!

The benefit of more comfort will be for nothing if the padding is superior. For that reason, between the fabric layers of these gloves lie premium foam padding that spreads across the palms to subdue the road vibration. This is how the pressure on your fingers is kept at a lower level.

What we can’t seem to like about the gloves is the unnecessary loop closure. They are supposed to simplify the removal, but so far, we haven’t seen that useful side of theirs yet.


  • Suitable design with sufficient softness for women
  • For various activities, including trekking and hiking
  • Skin-like feeling


  • The loops aren’t effective in removing the gloves

#8. ROTTO Cycling Gloves – Best For Absorbent Material

8. ROTTO Cycling Gloves - Best For Absorbent Material

ROTTO Cycling Gloves – Best For Absorbent Material

  • Material: Lycra, Polyurethane, Rubber
  • Padding Type: GEL and SBR Rubber padding
  • Purpose: General trail cycling
  • Washing method: Hand wash is recommended
  • Weather-resistant feature: Well-ventilated
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ROTTO cycling gloves deliver the joy of the ride by keeping your hand moisture-free at all times. Once again, the familiar lycra returns to ventilate all of their protective layers, including the padding. 

As the gel inserts and the SBR rubber in all the strategic positions do their part shielding your muscles from the shock and jolts from the road (the main culprit of numbness for the excessive pressure they place on your nerves), the lightweight fabric at the top draws out the moisture quickly. 

This is thanks in part to the air holes gathering in high numbers just above the cushion in the palms. You can cruise the tracks for hours, and your hands will never feel damped after the gloves have come off.

Yet, these gloves from ROTTO are another case of problematic sizing. They might squeeze your hands a bit too tight.


  • Efficiently absorb shock and vibration
  • Maximize the airflow
  • Comfortable fit


  • Can be smaller than your size

#9. Hikenture Full Finger Cycling Gloves – Best For Summer Use

9. Hikenture Full Finger Cycling Gloves - Best For Summer Use

Hikenture Full Finger Cycling Gloves – Best For Summer Use

  • Material: Lycra, Polyurethane, polyester
  • Padding type: 5mm SBR padding
  • Purpose: Cycling, motorcycling, and other exercises
  • Washing method: Hand wash is recommended
  • Weather-resistant feature: Sun protection
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The full-finger design doesn’t stop these bike gloves from being ideal options for humid weather. Since both of them stretch a special polyester – polyurethane blend across your hand, with a touch of nylon in the mix, the protection layer you receive won’t weigh too much for your taste. 

You’ll notice that these gloves have a solid construction – a trait that these synthetic compounds share in common. This goes hand in hand with the 5mm SBR padding in safeguarding you from the ride’s pressure, pain, and fatigue. 

The producer has decided that this thickness does cyclists a real favor out in the heat of the day, acting like a decent shock absorber without warming up your skin profusely. Coupled with the high wrists and air holes in the palm, they are the package you need for cycling on hotter days.

It should be noted that these gloves don’t really feature the ultimate design. Their reflective lining might peel sooner than you think.


  • Eliminate shock and hand numbness
  • Act as a sun protector
  • The top lycra conforms to the shape of your hand


  • The reflective lining might come off

#10. ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Gloves – Best For Chilly Weather

10. ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Gloves - Best For Chilly Weather

ROCKBROS Mountain Bike Gloves – Best For Chilly Weather

  • Material: Lycra, rubber
  • Padding type: 6mm gel padding
  • Purpose: Cycling and motorbiking
  • Washing method: Machine-washable
  • Weather-resistant feature: Wind protection
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Our last pick is for the windy, chilly rides. The reasonable amount of rubber at the back of the hand, above the lycra that gives the gloves their stretch, adds another layer of warmth to handle milder weather. Interestingly enough, this design hardly feels cumbersome around your fingers – a true balance of safety and comfort!

The palm sections offer their fair share of protection in the form of gel padding. It gathers at all the sweet spots across your palms to absorb the pressure for them through your ride, relieving the fatigue and, later, the numbness. The 6mm in thickness makes for a firm texture that isn’t likely to weaken, like the gloves’ entire integrity.

This by no means translates that they are the best. Their design holds a flaw, which is the touch feature that is supposed to offer compatibility to smart devices. The patch is much lower, giving you a hard time typing on the screen.


  • Keep your hands warm and comfortable despite the hard rubber
  • Plenty of padding on all the sides for full hand protection
  • Windproof gloves


  • The touch patch can be too low

How To Find The Best Cycling Gloves For Hand Numbness?


Quality, grip, breathability, and durability aren’t identical across various fabric types, and cycling gloves often use a blend of them to maximize efficiency. Therefore, we have gathered some potential materials to point your search in the right direction.

  • Spandex (Lycra): Prized for elasticity, this synthetic fabric provides an ideal fit for your hands that won’t go out of shape any time soon. The sturdy structure that lasts through multiple stretches might lack breathability, but it compensates by being moisture-wicked.
  • Polyester: Showing up regularly in sportswear manufacturing for durability and tear resistance, polyester proves a helpful material to hold against all elements. The one concern is that it isn’t breathable enough, which might cause some odor buildup.
  • Leather (genuine and synthetic): Leather has a well-built structure that outlasts most materials for bike gloves. It enhances your grip on the handlebars, yet this specific build won’t obstruct the airflow. The bad news is that all these factors add to the final cost, and you might have to pay extra for a pair of good quality.
  • Nylon: A synthetic fabric with strong resistance against shrinkage and other deformation. It’s easy to wash, but that doesn’t change how low-absorbent its textures are by nature. Wearing nylon gloves for extended periods of time might leave your hands hot and sweaty. 


Comfort is only second to the protection level in giving you true satisfaction speeding off on the route. It can be the easiest part of cycling to achieve, as long as you understand what your hands need and whether there is any issue to take care of at first. 

For example, those already sweating a great deal a few minutes into the ride should make sure to slip on the gloves allowing good airflow on the inside, or at least some that wick the moisture away fast. In the meantime, cyclists spending most of their day in the cold will find warmth-retention features more desirable.


Padding makes a critical priority when you are thinking about what bike gloves to pluck off the shelf. The impact of your ride will end up there for the most part, so you’d better be selective to lay your hands on a pair that works out for your case. 

An increase in thickness might seem tempting as with it; the padding can provide more protection against the vibration. That said, it’ll be a mistake to jump to an early conclusion. 

Naturally, more padding inhibits the airflow and weighs down your hands. Unless you are challenging yourself with mountain routes where roughness is always under the pedal, you won’t want to burden yourself with it. 


Ill-fitting gloves can hamper all your efforts to drive the numbness away.

If they are too loose, your time on the saddle is likely to be more about fixing them into position and less about enjoying yourself. If they are on the squeezing side, an even more painful experience awaits you somewhere in the ride.

The gloves of your choosing should offer a snug fit that doesn’t exhaust your wrists no matter the length of the ride. If you can’t exactly nail down the right size, consulting with the sellers or someone used to riding with them isn’t a bad option. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Do My Hands Go Numb While Riding A Bike?

All the blame goes to the compression of the ulnar and median nerves after gripping the handlebars for too long. 

Although the impacts are severe on your performance, it’s an unavoidable part of barehand road cycling for longer hours. The pressure on your palm disrupts the blood flow, so your body starts alarming your brains of this occurrence it deems unnatural. 

If you let the numbness repeat itself over and over without proper cushioning, you might find yourself with some permanent damage later on.

Do Cycling Gloves Help With Hand Numbness?

Picking up the habit of wearing cycling gloves eventually eliminates your numbness issue. Or, at the very least, minimize the dangerous effects. 

If there has been no improvement over a long period, perhaps the real problems are with your bike. Riding one proportionally larger than your own frame extends the gap between the saddle and the handlebars. The effort put in to maintain the stretch of your arms over these components results in extreme numbness in the end.

How Do I Stop My Hands From Going Numb When Cycling?

Putting on cycling gloves is always recommended, but there are other things to take care of for them to work. We’d like to have some suggestions:

  • Align yourself in the right position. Bend your elbow, straighten your wrist, and keep both parts in line with each other. Doing so will disperse the pressure across your whole palm and lessen the pain.
  • Learn the right gripping method. Don’t load all the pressure into the heel of your hands at once.
  • Repeatedly reposition your hands on the handlebars. Keeping them in one place for too long gives your nerves no rest and leaves room for the tingling sensation. 
  • Check with a physician if the numbness persists after the ride.


With our best cycling gloves for hand numbness 2023, you no longer need to toil away at an endless search to spot an efficient pair. They are feature-rich, providing comfort and extra protection for a longer haul at all the possible price ranges. 

You can consider the MOREOK Bicycle Gloves For Cycling to boost your grip strength without compromising the original shape. If you prefer a more low-profile design, HTZPLOO Bike Gloves can be a high-return investment as well!

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