Best Cycling Shoes For Narrow Feet 2023

best cycling shoes for narrow feet

What are the best cycling shoes for narrow feet 2023? If you are eager for a suitable type that suits your feet, here is the right place for you. Click on now! 

Shoe size metrics do not cover all factors that affect your cycling comfort, as it just represents the length of your feet, not come along with the width. Therefore, there might be a significant chance of choosing a shoe that does not meet your requirement, whether you have wide feet or narrow feet. For the cyclists whose comfortable pedaling plays an important role, this issue is in high demand for a solution. 

To choose a suitable shoe type that suits your feet, you need to consider multiple factors such as ventilation, fastening system, and affordable price range. The harmony among these factors will lead to a safe and comfortable ride. 

However, in a wide range of cycling shoes available, it might not be easy for a rational decision. If you are eager for the best cycling shoes for narrow feet 2023, the following 10-product list will fulfill your need.  

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Best Cycling Shoes For Narrow Feet 2023 Review

According to specific reviews of many cyclists, along with star ratings, we have summarized the list of 10 cycling shoes that hug your foot all day. Each item has a distinctive style in cleats and soles to meet your cycling purpose.

#1. Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 – Best Of Unisex Cycling Shoes

Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 - Best Of Unisex Cycling Shoes

Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 – Best Of Unisex Cycling Shoes


  • Material: Microtex
  • Outer Sole: R5 nylon composite
  • Dimension: 15.75 x 11.81 x 11.81 inches
  • Weight: 500 grams
  • Cleats: Look Delta
  • Closure: Velcro BOA
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Appearing with a unisex design, the Fizik Tempo Overcurve R5 is an ideal choice for both men and women. When taking a general look at this lightweight shoe, you will envision a combination of classic and modern styles. 

From the original R5 model, the manufacturers have developed the R5 Overcurve that adds more versatility and comfort. Consequently, the final design is compatible with all roads and all cyclists.

About the details of this high-end design, we can experience its signature through a characterized stagger collar. Specifically, it covers the ankle by tracing the position of the lateral and medial malleoli to form the shape. 

The natural misalignment of these protrusion bones will be in neatly envelopment. For cyclists with narrow feet, this feature has earned this shoe model a prioritized option in their minds. 

With a curved throat that fits the foot perfectly, this model enables a comfortable cycling experience. Besides, this shoe also equips a fast and secure closure. You can easily fasten your feet by using a velcro strap along with an adjustable BOA IP1 dial. 

In addition, the soft nylon composite of the sole remains the cycling’s effectivity while ensuring your pedaling be smooth and pleasant.      

As it is an optimizing design for cycling, we do not recommend you to try it out for walking purposes. The sole’s soft nylon can cause unwanted accidents due to the lack of stiffness. Nevertheless, you might need more padding to secure your feet firmly.  

If you are looking for a look-timeless unisex design with high pedaling effectivity, this road shoe would be your best option. Within the soft sole’s material and modern closure system, this Fizik model will give you wonderful riding time.    


  • Comfortable to use
  • High-end design with Overcurve technology
  • Lightweight
  • Easily adjustable closure


  • Low rigidity of soles
  • Need more padding

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#2. Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike – Best For Indoor Cycling

Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike - Best For Indoor Cycling

Tommaso Strada 100 Dual Cleat Compatible Road Bike – Best For Indoor Cycling


  • Material: Faux Leather
  • Outer Sole: Faux Leather
  • Dimension: 12.8 x 9.8 x 4.7 inches
  • Weight: 2.2 pounds
  • Cleats: three-bolt-cleat and two-bolt-cleat
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Being adaptable for indoor cycling, this Tommaso model offers an effective tool for your exercise routine. Within the combo of Look Delta cleat and installation wrench, you will have all things to set up an in-house practice space. Apart from being compatible with Peloton, the shoe’s design is available to install all other cleat types. Therefore, you can easily convert your using purpose to different ride concepts. 

Due to the stiff sole, you can produce more power per pedal stroke phase. Specifically, the reinforced fiberglass sole provides more stiffness with optimal energy transfer. 

You can then maintain a long ride without losing much energy. In addition, the ventilated mesh portion allows this model to be a breathable shoe through cooling function. 

The exercising experience would be more safe and comfortable based on the ergonomic design. The low-profile hook and Velcro strap allow continuous exercise without any risks of dropping shoes. 

In addition, this model’s lifespan is impressive due to the durable synthetic leather top. To choose the right size for your feet, you should look up carefully the Size Chart.

However, it might get on your nerves with annoying sounds while cycling. To describe clearly, it sounds rattling with a metal jingling tone. 

There might also be a chance that cleats do not clip in well with the pedal. If you ignore securing the connection, you can be on the verge of ankle twists and other muscle problems. 

If you are looking for a tool to support muscle-building exercises, this Tommaso model should be in your purchasing plan. Within the comfortability of shoe material and compatible cleat, the shoe will give you a pleasant experience.      


  • Support muscle-building indoor exercise
  • Be compatible with multiple cleats type
  • Convenient closure system with low-profile hook and Velcro strap
  • Provide more stiffness with optimal energy transfer


  • Annoying metal sound
  • Cleats sometimes do not clip in well with pedals               

#3. Men Cycle Shoes Black – Best For Budget

Men Cycle Shoes Black - Best For Budget

Men Cycle Shoes Black – Best For Budget


  • Material: Leather
  • Outer Sole: Nylon
  • Dimension: 11.7 x 7.2 x 3.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Cleats: SPD (2 bolts), SPD – SL (3 bolts), Delta (3 bolts)
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When taking a pair of cycling shoes for mountain biking, you might want a comfortable one without compromising cycling efficiency. Being suited for these criteria, this black shoe model offers a cheap solution to satisfy your riding experience. 

The inverse scale heel design enables a strong wrapping ability. Along with the lightweight material, this model allows more power exertion on the pedal grip.

Apart from maximizing pedal stroke efficiency, this model also comes as a breathable and convenient shoe. Within 80% of air permeability, you will experience a comfortable ride without feeling stuffy. 

Besides, you can easily adjust the wrapping to fit your feet size, whether wide feet or narrow feet. Contributing to this feature is the patented rotation button with the ability to wear shoes quickly.

This black shoe model is compatible with both 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleats. In detail, it can clip in well with various pedal systems such as Look Delta, SPD, and SPD SL. 

You can then apply shoes for indoor exercise bikes or road cycling. Besides, when purchasing this model, you will receive a pair of cleats as a gift, along with a high-quality guarantee.   

However, the thin plastic sole might lead to disappointment for some users – the screw is too short for easily attaching the cleats. Whenever you tighten the screw, you can unwittingly crack the glue at the bottom. You can reference our tips about gluing cycling shoes for advice on how to tackle this issue.

If you desire mountain bike shoes at an affordable price, this model will meet your expectations. Within an easy closure and ventilation system, along with different pedal compatibility, you will have a priceworthy cycling experience. 


  • Be comfortable and convenient
  • Optimized ventilation
  • High pedal efficiency
  • Compatible with various pedal cleats
  • Highly adjustable closure due to the patented rotation button


  • Thin and easy-to-crack plastic sole
  • Difficult to attach with short crews

#4. Santic Cycling Shoes Road Bike Shoes – Best For Comfortability

Santic Cycling Shoes Road Bike Shoes - Best For Comfortability

Santic Cycling Shoes Road Bike Shoes – Best For Comfortability


  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Outer Sole: Nylon
  • Dimension: 12.7 x 8.7 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 2.05 pounds
  • Cleats: Delta
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The Santic manufacturers have brought comfortability, flexibility, and safety into one product. Due to its excellent hygroscopic perspiration ability, you will avoid humidity and stain when wearing the shoe. 

Besides, the body enhances breathability through a large area of ventilation holes. Along with comfortable upper material (Polyurethane), your feet will be in good temperature condition. 

The precision buckle and handy bandage contribute to the flexibility of this shoe. Regardless of the insteps’ height and shape, you can easily adjust the closure to fit in perfectly. 

When coming to safety, this shoe brings a safe feeling through the thickened heel cup protection and the anti-slip inside. This feature enables better support and stability to avoid ankle twisting. 

You can utilize this shoe to diverse your cycling lifestyle. Specifically, the three-hole Calta design enables compatibleness with multiple kinds of cleats. According to this, you can apply this Santic shoe for indoor cycling or outdoor road cycling.

Despite the comfortability, the upper material does not provide enough stiffness. You might need to spend more if you want to have it for indoor cycling. To be specific, you can not install the SPD cleats to the Peloton without buying an adapter.

If you want a comfortable design with flexible functions, you should prioritize this shoe. Especially for those who want to avoid bad smell issues, this model would be the best option for you.   


  • Comfortable upper material
  • Excellent hygroscopic perspiration ability
  • A large area of ventilation holes
  • Safe use due to thickened heel cup protection and the anti-slip inside
  • Flexible closure system


  • Unstable sole material
  • Not available for installing SPD cleat without buying an adaptor                    

#5. Giro Cylinder Men Cycling Shoes – Best For Gravel Cycling

Giro Cylinder Men Cycling Shoes - Best For Gravel Cycling

Giro Cylinder Men Cycling Shoes – Best For Gravel Cycling


  • Material: Nylon composite 
  • Outer Sole: Nylon composite 
  • Dimension:12 x 9 x 5 inches
  • Weight: 2.83 Pounds
  • Cleats: SPD (2 holes)
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Being designed for gravel cycling, the Giro Cylinder has a combination of mountain bike shoes and road bike shoes. Through the features of these two types, this MTB shoe offers a comfortable experience without compromising pedals efficiency. 

It ensures impressive support, ventilation, and a highly adjustable closure system. Furthermore, it also allows better power distribution per pedal stroke.

Contributing to the closure system is the BOA L6 dial. Due to the micro instant adjustment (1mm increments), you can easily set the right size to fit your narrow feet. 

In accompaniment with that, the forefoot strap enhances putting the shoe on and off conveniently. Apart from the function role, these features also create an attractive appearance with a sleek design. 

The manufacturers combine microfiber and the mesh upper to facilitate more ventilation. Not only bring more air to cool your feet, but this combination also makes the sole more flexible. 

Also, it includes a medium arch EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) insole to provide more cushioning and rebound. Due to this midsole, your feet will be in high protection from hurting when touching sharp objects. 

The Giro Cylinder equips a system of nylon plastic injection to transfer power effectively. Moreover, this shoe comes with stainless steel hardware to ensure better durability and corrosion resistance. 

Along with that, the high-traction outsole composited from co-molded rubber makes it suitable for mountain biking. You can apply the shoe for all 2-holt cleat systems such as Shimano SPD, Crank Brother, and Time ATAC. 

However, this shoe might not satisfy all bikers due to the supple sole. As a model for cycling, this shoe focus on comfortability when riding. Therefore, there will be a lack of stiffness when trying out walking. 

If you are looking for a mountain bike shoe that enhances breathability and ensures pedal stroke efficiency, this model is for you.    


  • Well- ventilated
  • Comfortable putting the shoe on and off
  • Superb closure system
  • Accurate and effective power transfer
  • Quick-dry


  • Lack stiffness
  • The BOA loosen during the ride time            

#6. Santic Cycling Shoes Road Cycling – Best For Ventilation

Santic Cycling Shoes Road Cycling - Best For Ventilation

Santic Cycling Shoes Road Cycling – Best For Ventilation


  • Material: TPU
  • Outer Sole: TPU, fiberglass
  • Dimension: 12.87 x 8.74 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.92 pounds
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The excellent ventilation and convenient design are two main features that create this road cycling model’s signature. Coming to the convenience,  it provides an adjustable 3-strap hook and look system. 

Due to the compatibility with many cleats types, this shoe is perfect for both indoor cycling and road biking. About the safety, it avoids twisting your ankle through a U-heel cup thickened protection.

The Velcro 3-strap system enables convenient adjustment regardless of the height and shape of the insteps. Within an easy-to-use buckle, you can quickly tighten and loosen the shoe for suiting your narrow feet. 

On the other hand, this shoe provides better stability and support through a U-heel design. It covers the heel and ankle to create an anatomical shape that prevents you from potential foot bone injury. 

This Santic model offers an excellent ventilation system on both the upper and sole – the upper equips a wide area of breathable holes. Meanwhile, there is a ventilation hole at the sole for maximum breathability. The wear-resistant also rubber at the heel contributes to the durability of this shoe. 

Before putting on the shoe, you have to lift the strap buckle, then simultaneously press down the button and slide the trap up to loosen it. After a long time in use, you can expect it to become softer for easy operation.       

If you want a shoe that comes along with both convenience and safety, you should think of this Santic model. Within the features relevant to provide more protection and ventilation, you will experience a pleasant ride while using this shoe. 


  • Great ventilation
  • Convenient Velcro 3-strap system
  • Good durability due to wear-resistant rubber
  • Ensure safety with U-heel cup thickened protection
  • Compatible with a 3-bolt cleat system


  • Unstable velcro straps
  • Unclear cleat markings 

#7. Giro Stylus Men Road Cycling Shoes – Best For Timely Fashion

Giro Stylus Men Road Cycling Shoes - Best For Timely Fashion

Giro Stylus Men Road Cycling Shoes – Best For Timely Fashion


  • Material: Synchwire 
  • Outer Sole: Fiberglass
  • Dimension:11.54 x 8.66 x 4.33 inches
  • Weight: 275g
  • Cleats: Both 2 holes and 3 holes ( Look, Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL)
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Giro Stylus is the lightest shoe that enables a comfortable feeling when in use. The signature of this shoe is the newly-developed Synchwire upper. As an ultralight and sturdy monofilament mesh, this material offers a high-in-class comfort to a better cycling experience. 

Particularly, the Synchwire upper enhance excellent breathability and supple-yet-supporting fit. 

The classic 3-strap closure offers a fast on-and-off adjustment right on the go. Besides, it is compatible with different 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleat systems such as Shimano SPD, Shimano SPD-SL, and Look. If you want to clip in another kind of cleat, you might need to buy an adaptor. 

Apart from a sleek design, this Giro model gives enough support to powerful pedaling. The fiberglass-reinforced outsole optimizes transferring power per pedal stroke. 

Along with that is the stainless steel hardware, which adds more durability and corrosion resistance. In addition, the dual-injected TPU walking pad contributes to the confident-inspiring traction that keeps you safe when hiking or biking. 

About the negative reviews, this shoe gets difficult when holding the cleats. Besides, you have to tighten the Velcro strap to find the best fit for yourself. 

When having fastened overwhelmingly,  the metal hook will be in touch with the top’s bony part. Consequently, it will put some pressure when you raise your toe.   

If you are eager for a lightweight high-fashion sports shoe, the Giro Stylus might meet your expectation. 


  • Lightweight
  • Convenient on-and-off closure
  • Enhance pedal efficiency
  • Well-ventilated


  • Unstable when holding cleats
  • Hook and loop pressure on your feet

#8. Unisex Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Bike – Best For Versatility

Unisex Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Bike - Best For Versatility

Unisex Cycling Shoes Compatible with Peloton Bike – Best For Versatility


  • Material: Synthetic
  • Outer Sole: Nylon
  • Dimension:  12.4 x 8.66 x 4.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.79 Pounds
  • Cleats: 2 bolts and 3 bolts 
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This WODAFA model comes as a unisex design with wide versatility for multiple purposes, as it is compatible with the Peloton for indoor cycling. Meanwhile, it can work well with a 2-bolt and 3-bolt cleats system for road and mountain biking. The sturdy outsole enables better holding-cleat ability to remain safe while cycling. 

According to the light synthetic uppers, you will experience a comfortable ride experience. This material contributes to the lightweight and adds a higher range of breathability. Additionally, the quick-dry mesh upper enables better air ventilation for cooling your feet. You can enjoy your cycling without the risks of hot spots, especially in the hot weather.

The Velcro 3-strap closure system provides more flexibility when putting the shoe on and off. Through the adjustable buckle, you can easily modify the size to suit your feet perfectly. 

On the other hand, the reflective heel design earns the shoe more attractive spotlights. Along with that are the comfortable inner soles to protect your foot from direct contact with the road. 

However, the strap remains in an unstable condition – it can be on the verge of twisting and breaking even in first use. The sole sometimes does not come along with the Peloton cleat system well.   

If you want a unisex design that is versatile for both men and women, you should take this WODAFA shoe into your purchase plan. Not only for cycling indoors, but you can also use it for mountain and road biking. 


  • Wide versatility for both men and women 
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable upper mesh
  • Compatible with SPD, SPD-SL, and Look


  • Unstable closure system
  • Unstable attach between sole and cleats

#9. SHIMANO CT500 Everyday Cycling Shoe – Best For Walking Bike-Off

SHIMANO CT500 Everyday Cycling Shoe - Best For Walking Bike-Off

SHIMANO CT500 Everyday Cycling Shoe – Best For Walking Bike-Off


  • Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Outer Sole: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate
  • Dimension: One Piece Synthetic Leather 
  • Weight: 353g (Men’s Size 42)
  • Cleats: SPD and Shimano CLICK’R pedal systems
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The Shimano CT500 appears as a form of casual sneaker style. Aside from road cycling, you can wear this shoe to the grocery store or cafes. Due to the shock-absorbing EVA insoles, this Shimano model offers a comfortable and safe walking experience – it gives you more protection from knee damage while exercising.

Although having a look of a sneaker, this model still maintains the features of a cycling road shoe. In detail, it optimizes the pedal performance by transferring power through a hidden shank plate. 

The grippy rubber outsole enhances more grip and traction to facilitate walking off-bike. When coming to pedal cleats, it is compatible with SPD and Shimano Click’R.         

However, there is a lack of durability due to the flimsy material. You will also hear a crunchy metal-rubbing-cement sound when the cleats do not come close to the sole.  

If you want to find a road shoe lying in the form of a sneaker, you should consider the Shimano CT500. Instead of buying another shoe to join casual occasions, you can think of this model as the best substitute.  


  • Be able to cycle and walk off-bike
  • Protect the knee through shock-absorbing EVA insoles
  • Optimize pedal performance
  • Casual-sneaker style


  • Lack durability
  • Crunchy sound of metal rubbing cement

#10. Sidi Shoes Genius 10 – Best For Performance At Reasonable Price

Sidi Shoes Genius 10 - Best For Performance At Reasonable Price

Sidi Shoes Genius 10 – Best For Performance At Reasonable Price


  • Material:  Microtech microfiber
  • Outer Sole: carbon composite 20 
  • Dimension: 11.81 x 7.87 x 3.94 inches
  • Weight: 0.77 Kilograms
  • Cleats: 3 holes
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The Sidi Genious 10 is an affordable shoe for the sake of eco-friendly synthetic material. Composited from Microtech microfiber, the upper is highly stable, along with excellent water resistance ability. 

Moreover, the carbon composite 20 is the key to energy transfer efficiency because it contributes to both stiffness and support of the sole.

This shoe equips the Tecno 3 System for precise adjustment, depending on the width of your feet. Through this easy closure system, you can always find the perfect fit whenever on the go. 

It also enables more even pressure distribution to the foot’s insteps. Aside from cycling purposes, the shoe also provides a polyurethane heel for comfortable walking off-bike.

Despite compositing from eco-friendly synthetic material, the average price is still quite expensive for some bikers. In addition, the Tecno 3 System’s dials manipulation can irritate your experience. 

If you focus on cycling performance when choosing a shoe, you should take a deep look at this Sidi model. Through good support from synthetic material, you will experience a comfortable ride without compromising pedaling efficiency.


  • Good balance between flexibility and stiffness
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent durability
  • Be comfortable and convenient


  • Quite expensive
  • Hard-to-manipulate dials       

Buying Guide


You should balance between stiffness and flexibility regarding material, as a stiff sole offers better stability that separates your feet from being tired. Meanwhile, the upper material needs to be more flexible depending on the foot areas. 

For instance, the upper material should be firm to optimize the performance at the power transmission points. When coming to the sensitive foot areas, it should have softer padding.       

Price Range

Depending on your requirement, you can decide how much money you must spend to purchase a shoe. If you need a better balance between potential budget and expected performance, here are three main criteria that identify your affordable price range: 

  • Low budget (Under $100): If you have just started your cycling journey, you should consider shoes at this price range. The common feature of this cheap product line is the ordinary design which only has the Velcro strap. Besides, it is less stiff and heavier than the higher-price shoes.     
  • Value for money ($100 to $300): Most cyclists aim for shoes at this affordable price range due to the proportional relationship between budget and performance. 

Specifically, they offer a comfortable experience with multiple ways of closure systems combination. For instance, you can find a model with both velcro straps and ratchet buckle, or velcro straps and BOA dials, or BOA dials only.    

  • Performance (Above $300): If you reach the professional level, these high-end shoes will meet your requirement. Apart from enhancing comfortability, they also support better power transfer and stability when riding.


Within high-intensity cycling, you should have air-ventilated shoes to keep your feet at a cool temperature. Ideally, you should come for an upper mesh design with ventilation holes. 

Aside from enhancing breathability, the mesh design also offers more comfort to your cycling experience.    

Fastening System

In general, there are three kinds of fastening systems that you should consider. They can come with buckles, straps, or BOA laces. Each closure system has a different range of adjustability.

According to multiple reviews of bikers, the Velcro strap combined with buckle is the most efficient closure system.    


To choose a comfortable shoe, you should first ensure the size fits your feet. Besides, you should also consider the insoles, air ventilation, and the cleats’ compatibleness for adding more comfort. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Keep Your Cycling Shoes From Smelling?

The unpleasant smell comes from the increased moisture in the shoe. Besides, the sweat glands, improper washing, and non-breathable design also contribute to the bad smell. 

For the sake of treating these causes, you can go for two popular methods: wet ways and dry ways. To know more information, you might need this post for reference.   

How Long To Break In Cycling Shoes?

Whenever putting a new cycling shoe in use,  you might need to break in for better suiting your feet size. However, depending on materials, the break-in time is different for each kind of shoe. 

It is recommendable to choose a suitable size right from the start. You can also add supportive padding or wear stock to fit in perfectly. Here are the details of 5 ways to break in your cycling shoes.     

How To Clean White Leather Cycling Shoes? 

When possessing a white leather cycling shoe, you might be in trouble with how to keep it clean. After a long-time in use, the white shoe is easily dirty regardless of walking on gravel, pavement, or grass. 

To keep your white shoe from being dirty, you can apply these five methods:

  • Use washing machine
  • Use baking soda
  • Handwashing with an all-purpose cleaner
  • Handwashing with bleach
  • Handwashing with toothpaste

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The article has shown the lists of best cycling shoes for narrow feet 2023. Depending on your demand of performance and comfortability, you can choose a pair of shoes that compromises your expectation. Regardless of which one you choose, it should be appropriate for your cycling purposes. 

We hope the specific reviews above are a precious guide to help you find the right shoes. If you are still confused with the final decision, don’t be hesitate to contact us for more support.

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