How to Clean White Leather Cycling Shoes? 5 Tips For Washing

How to Clean White Leather Cycling Shoes

Your white sneakers start getting dirty after a period of use? How to clean white leather cycling shoes, then? Check out this blog to find useful tips now!

White sneakers are the top-choice footwear for sportspeople. However, these kinds of footgear easily become dirty after a short time. What makes you feel more frustrated is that a white-colored pair of sneakers is much more difficult to wash than other color footwear.

Luckily, you have got this blog! I will provide you with useful tips and guidelines on how to help your sneakers return back their original whiteness.

Let’s find out together!

How Do You Make White Cleats White Again?

How Do You Make White Cleats White Again

Do White Cycling Shoes Get dirty?

If you own a pair of sneakers, you surely know that keeping them after a wear period is very difficult.

These types of footwear are fresh and spotless during the first or second time of wearing them. However, they will start to lose their whiteness and become dirty when you walk in several conditions such as pavement, gravel, or grass.

Once these footwears get dirty, it isn’t easy to make them look new again if you do not clean them immediately and correctly.

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How Do You Make White Cleats White Again?

Before doing any methods below, you should remove the treads and shoelaces as well to get a better cleaning result.

Now, check out cleaning ways for the footwear:

1. Machine washing:

  • Secure your sneakers and separated laces together in a mesh bag.
  • Your washing machine should be set on a gentle cycle with cold water mode to remain in the form of your cleats
  • Use a gentle detergent for your shoes, but remember not to add it until there is halfway water in the machine.
  • Regarding a normal load, what you need is half of the detergent you would use.

If it is a top-loader, add the shoes when the machine has filled three-quarters of water.

2. Hand wash with baking soda:

Hand wash with baking soda

  • Prepare 1 tablespoon of baking soda, one-half tablespoon water, and one-half tablespoon hydrogen peroxide.
  • In a small bowl, mix these ingredients together to create a smooth paste.
  • Use an old toothbrush to gently brush the mixture into the shoe’s surface, just firm enough to work out any kinds of dirt and work the paste in.
  • Brush on a second coat of paste.
  • With the remaining paste mixture, stir shoelaces into it.
  • Place your footwear and laces in the sun for 3 to 4 hours, or until the paste is dry and cracking off. The whiteness and brightness of your sneakers depending on the condition of the weather.
  • Brush off any excess paste. After all, your cleats will be much whiter than before.

3.  Hand wash with an all-purpose cleaner

  • Choose a multi-purpose cleaner and spray your cleats with it.
  • Use an old toothbrush to remove all dirty areas in your footgear
  • Wipe off any excess cleaner with a piece of soft cloth
  • Keep the toothbrush wet and scrub your shoes until they’re clean and fresh as the first time you bought them.

Hand wash with an all-purpose cleaner

4. Hand wash with bleach

  • Create a mixture following the recipe: 1 part bleach to 4 parts water.
  • Dip an old toothbrush in the mixture, and then use it to scrub your sneakers to remove dirt.
  • Keep the brush wet by rinsing it into the water and then scrub the stains until they’re disappeared.
  • By leaving the sneakers sitting out in the sun for a while after bleaching, you can enhance the whiteness of the shoes to the fullest.

Hand wash with bleach

5. Hand wash with toothpaste:

Toothpaste is an amazing cleaner that you can easily find in your bathroom. It works great to remove dirty areas in your sneakers. Following the below instruction:

  • Prepare an old toothbrush.
  • Put a small dab of white, non-gel toothpaste on the head of this toothbrush.
  • Wipe the dirty spots of the cleats with a damp cloth and scrub the toothbrush gently over the stain.
  • Use the damp rag to remove the dirt and toothpaste residue to get clean and fresh footwear.

Hand wash with toothpaste

How to Keep Your Road Shoes White Over The Time:


  • Don’t scrub your trainers


  • Protect cleats right out of the box
  • Store trainers properly


Shoe covers

The easiest way to retain the whiteness of your sneakers is using shoe covers. You can use both a traditional Belgian Bootie and a myriad of other options to cover sneakers from the elements.

In winter, this is almost a must, but for those in-between seasons, this is a potential choice to keep cleats clean and fresh on iffy weather days.

Have a second pair

Having a second pair of sneakers could be a satisfying choice for all of you. Indeed, getting black or dark gray footwear to use on rainy days and letting your white cleats at home is a great solution.


Can I Put My Leather Cycling Shoes Into a Washing Machine?

Of course, you can put your trainers in a washing machine, but remember to follow the below instructions:

  • Remove shoelaces
  • Add towels into the washer
  • Choose a suitable cycle mode
  • Add a disinfectant

Can I Use A Hairdryer To Dry My Cycling Shoes?

You shouldn’t dry your wet trainers with a hairdryer for a long period. Using a hairdryer for one minute or two for quick drying is ok, but too much heat could ruin your footwear.

Which Is The Best Way To Clean Leather Trainer?

In my opinion, sneaker cleaner is the best way to go for regular cleaning due to the effective result it brings within a short time.

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White leather cycling shoes can get dirty easily after a couple of wears, which possibly leave dark spots on them if you do not wash them properly. Luckily, now you know how to clean white leather cycling shoes after reading our blog!

Hopefully, this blog has provided you with useful tips to keep your cleats fresh and clean as much as possible. Therefore, you will not worry when wearing these types of sneakers.

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