How to Glue Cycling Shoes? A Detailed Instruction Is Here!

How to Glue Cycling Shoes

How to glue cycling shoes tightly for long-term usage? Follow me and take a look at my guideline to figure out useful tips if you struggle with this problem.

Cycling is one of the best forms of entertainment, bringing you a healthy lifestyle. To enjoy this amazing journey without any obstacles, you should own a good pair of shoes that do not feel loose over time. 

That’s when you have to learn about gluing sneakers by yourself. Do not worry, as my instruction below has replied to all your concerns. Scroll down. 

How to Glue Cycling Shoes?

How Do You Fix Spinning Shoes?

Even the high-quality one, every shoe sole tends to come off over time. Even a wet pair of shoes has the same situation. It is easy to learn how to keep shoes dry when cycling.

But how do you fix spinning shoes? I think it will be best to adhesive those separate soles immediately if you do not want to pay for a new product. 

The process is quite simple with a non-water-based product and a plastic bag. 

First, add the right amount of adhesive to the insides of your sneakers. Press the gluing part tightly and leave it alone for a few hours or overnight so that the adhesive place can dry completely. If not, it will melt into your toes and make them uncomfortable. 

Also, remember to clean the sneakers beforehand to ensure none of your hair and debris appears on the gluing part.

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How to Take Care Of Cycling Shoes After Gluing?

How To Take Care Of Cycling Shoes After Gluing

How to fix your sneaker by using adhesive?

Once you have glued your sneakers, you should let the adhesive dry for a few days. Of course, different types will need different periods to dry out. Moreover, it is not necessary to put your footwear in a humid environment and unclamp the surfaces.

What Is The Best Glue To Use On Trainers?

Shoe Goo

Do you know what the best adhesive to use on trainers is? Shoe Goo must come first on the list due to its affordable price, strong adhesive, and versatility for different materials. Specifically, the manufacturer has used urethane rubber to make this glue. 

You will get a permanently flexible rubber bond on your sneakers. And there is no doubt about its long-term usage after fully curing because it has the ability to resist abrasion and be water-proof. 

Another nice thing here is using this adhesive on rubber, leather, canvas, or vinyl soles.   

Gorilla Glue

Gorilla Glue is also a sought-after shoe adhesive for DIYers for many reasons. First, this all-purpose product features durability safety for most materials. It seals your shoes’ tears and breaks perfectly without any gap, no matter if it is made of leather, rubber, or even tougher materials, like metal and wood. 

What is more, this super adhesive also can withstand changing temperature and moisture, so your footwear will be usable with you over time. 


Do not miss out on Shoe-fix when considering high-quality shoe adhesive. This product is extremely easy and fast to apply, taking around five minutes to cure your sneakers. You will get satisfied with its versatility of repairing broken parts, fixing holes in the soles, or attaching the soles. 

Rest assured that this adhesive is water-proof, keeping your socks out of being soaked under the rain well. Its temperature resistance is another plus point that makes a strong adhesive. And you had better utilize it for vinyl or rubber soles.   

Gear Aid

How about Gear Aid? I find it extremely tricky to pick one out of these wonderful choices, as this product is also a formidable opponent. It provides your hiking, climbing, riding footwear with a durable bond of urethane rubber. 

Gear Aid basically works the same as Shoe Goo, which comes in handy with leather, canvas, rubber. Neoprene and suede are the special materials to create dissimilarity. There is no need to care about cracking, peeling, or abrasive problems after a long time.

Kiwi Sure Steps

Kiwi Sure Steps is worth every penny for those who want to permanently fix and use their sneakers. Its adhesive attachment is undoubtedly amazing, helping to prevent slipping in case of slick surfaces. 

Shoe Goo Boot Adhesive

I want to introduce another adhesive from Shoe Goo, called Shoe Goo Boot Adhesive. Apart from its professional repairing ability, this thing adds a coating to such tears or breaks on your sneakers and makes them surprisingly new. 

Super Glue

Last but not least, you should take Super Glue into consideration for a multitasking repairing purpose. It is not a big deal to handle broken heels or fix separated soles. What makes it unique is that it will never stick to your skin as well. 


Does Shoe Glue Work In Bad Weather?

Does Shoe Glue Work In Bad Weather

Does shoe adhesive work in bad weather?

Yes, shoe adhesive is a great adhesive in all conditions. As mentioned above, some types can withstand the rigorous alteration of temperature.  Its water, vibration, and impact resistance also add to the indestructibly adhesive effect. 

Are There Any Other Ways To Fix Your Shoes?

I am afraid that adhesive is the only and best effective way to fix your shoes at home. If not, you can have it repaired at those professional stores. 

Is Shoes Glue Waterproof?

Of course, yes. Almost all shoe glue products are water-proof, especially urethane ones. It creates a strong and durable attachment in your shoes so that your foot will not get soaked in the rain.

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The way on how to glue cycling shoes seems to be a breeze now, as I have shared all my tips above. 

Hope that you can find your own way to get things done perfectly. Now, lift up your sleeve to repair your old shoes and make them like-new.

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