How to Install Water Bottle Cage On Bike Without Holes?

How to Install Water Bottle Cage On Bike Without Holes

Keep asking many friends, yet you still got no answers to the question: ‘’How to install water bottle cage on bike without holes’’? This post is for you!

I’m a true cycling enthusiast, and I have always desired to perfect my cycling journey. Still, one day I was aware of how much the water bottle cage was important to me.

I really need one, yet I didn’t know how to set up a cage without holes until a professional told me.

Finally, it works! Now I can freely enjoy the fulfilling trip. Eager to know the secrets? To be honest, I’m willing to provide you with such informative and far-out tips.

Let me spill the tea!

What Is A Water Bottle Cage Used For, And What Are Its Benefits?

Before installing the water bottle cage, let’s take a glimpse at its benefits:

It Holds Water Bottle Firmly

Chances are that you will pedal through bumpy and gravel roads. Such terrain can cause misalignment, and your water container might fall out.

Cages are often alloys of plastic, carbon fiber, and plastic. Several tubular alloy cages can be heavier than carbon fiber and plastic ones. So, these constructions are meant to secure the bottle firmly in place.


As long as the water bottle offers easy access to hydration, you will supply the water at once, preventing your body from dehydration.

Beyond that, filling the bottle with water seems to be easier while you’re on the go.

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How to Install Water Bottle Cage On Bike Without Holes

First and foremost, the installation process is not tricky. With 5 solutions below, you could get things done in minutes without much effort.

1. Electrical Tape

Electrical Tape

Electrical tape is well-secured once you hit the road. It comes to life with the most trustworthy and safest method to attach the bottle cages.

Just with minor tabs sticking out in the top or bottom, you could attach these bottle cages to your bike with seeming ease. This item will go well with even oversized tubes.

First, you use roughly ⅔ of an electrical tape’s roll for a secure fork. Then, apply a minor tape in places exposed to your cage to protect it.

What helps it gain points is its convenience. You can install the cage anywhere in your bike frame. It comes off simply with no residue and trouble.

2. Hose Clamps

A hose clamp will use the clamping mechanism. It’s often used to keep a cage on a hose to fit and adapt to many applications.

Hose Clamps

Well-fixated supportability does the trick in securing the water bottle cages to a suspension fork or the bike’s frame. Be mindful that it helps bikers to have a hose cage clamp.

First off, open the clamp. Most clamps can turn a good 90 degrees to adjust the mounting position.

Afterward, place the water bottle cage holder and tighten the clamp with a screwdriver. Be cautious about reaching a good fit yet not over-tighten the clamp.

It’s a safe option unless you have a carbon frame. Still, the hose clamps may cause damage to the bike’s frame, more or less. Many prefer rubber/foam padded protection together on the carbon forks.

Before buying, measure your frame and consider purchasing a hose cage clamp that fits the handlebar, tubes, and seat post. Also, go for one made of metal alloys, like aluminum, which are moisture-and rust-resistant.

3. Straps


Looking for a way with a full suspension yet low profile? A case in point: straps.

This one goes well to any bikes that don’t have enough room for overtop mounts. Thereby, lower mounts will work in this case.

Also, after installing a strap, drop your jaw, how your bike looks like. You may exclaim about the straps’ look and merits.

In particular, the nylon strap adapters often come up with rubber bases, allowing the straps to twig to the bike’s frame easier. Moreover, a bit cut off till the lengths you want are possible.

Thus, straps are sought-after for minimalism as no brazing is needed. The leashes on the strap, including loops and hooks on either side, offer more security to you.

This one is trouble-free and easy-to-install, no matter the attaching or releasing process.

Still, these holders won’t work with big-size bottle cages.

4. Zip Cable Tie

Zip Cable Tie

Another practical way is to go for a zip tie, one of the most favored methods to handle the issue.

Zip cable ties are one of the handiest and most affordable ways to bind just about anything to your bike frame, including your water bottle cage.

Hold the bottle cage against the frame of your bike at any position. After that, use a couple of zip ties to wrap around the cage and frame. Your cage should be attached to the top tube, bottom tube, or seat tube of your bike frame.

Better yet, industrial nylon material ties, ideally with nylon 66 and a 50-pound tensile strength, are the most well-received of all. Because the cable ties cannot snap apart, these figures imply a safe off-road journey.

5. Cage Holders’ Alternatives

If these methods above aren’t compatible with your bike, give it a try with other cage holders’ substitutes to make cycling easier. Check out a few possibilities:

5.1. Handlebar Mount Cages

Handlebar Mount Cages

A typical bottle and a handlebar mount cage share the same function and design. Yet, the installation process makes them different.

Just mount the bottle cage into the handlebar without drilling holes into the bike frame to use the handlebar.

5.2. Seat Mount Water Bottle Cage

Seat Mount Water Bottle Cage

This kind of holder needs affixing to the sear posts’ back, providing you extra capacity space to carry a phone or a water bottle.

Overall, with resemblance to a bag, you will make the most of it with more sections in the holder.

5.3. Quick Release Bottle Cage Holders

Quick Release Bottle Cage Holders

As its name suggests, this mount offers a quick-release feature. It takes only a few seconds to take it off or mount it again.

In other words, no installation process is needed that bikers love much.


Are Bottle Cages A Standard Size On Most Bikes?

Are Bottle Cages A Standard Size On Most Bikes_

Bottle holders have both small and big sizes. Based on the bottle’s size, some even have adjustable stoppers to fine-tune the fit and better retention.

From my experience, most racks use 5mm screws. Several utilize 4 or 6 mm screws.

What Kind Of Bikes Can I Install My Water Bottle Cages On?

In reality, you could have the water bottle cages installed on any kind of bike.

What Should I Consider When Installing My Water Bottle Cage?

Each bike has its design. Contemplate how tricky or easy it gets while cycling after installing a water bottle cage at a certain position.

Where Should I Attach My Water Bottle Cage?

It sounds good to have a horizontal water bottle cage between the bars.

This position has a drag coefficient of 0 and is highly aerodynamic. You don’t have to get out of your aero position to grab the bottle cage.

Overall, as long as you get used to it, any spot in the bike frame can house the bottle cage.

Frames are undoubtedly sturdier, making it easier for the biker to reach the bottle. Aside from that, no view or leg motions are obstructed. Others, on the other hand, adore handlebars. For people who live in accessibility, this position is highly suggested.

If you despise picking your handlebars, downtubes, and frames, the options under the saddle and on the seat post are far more appealing.

Is It Worth Investing In Carbon Water Bottle Cages?

Yes. Carbon water bottle cages can freak you out with their exhilarating features and upsides. More importantly, they’re genuinely convenient alongside their fabulous performance.

Is It Worth Investing In Carbon Water Bottle Cages_

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Wrapping Up

Hydration low level is what no one wants while cycling and sweating under the sun.

That’s it! The water bottle is irreplaceable whenever you’re off-road biking, notably into a hilly region.

Among all solutions suggested, water bottle cages always help your overall convenience and safety.

Still, the installation on the bike needs a hole. Fortunately, you’ve gone through the greatest ways on how to install water bottle cage on bike without holes.

Opt for an option making your bike as decent as possible for now!

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