How to Keep Cycling Leg Warmers Up? How To Wear Them Properly?

How to Keep Cycling Leg Warmers Up

Wondering on how to keep cycling leg warmers up during the exercise? How to wear them properly? Click on this blog to learn the answers and other useful info!

One of the indispensable items when participating in cycling is the leg warmer, which helps you keep your lower limb warm during the exercise in the cold weather.

Still, your bike ride will be hindered if the warmers keep sliding down continuously. Due to this reason, you must know how to wear them up around your thighs instead of falling to your knees.

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How to Keep Cycling Leg Warmers Up?

How To Keep Cycling Leg Warmers Up

What Are Cycling Leg Warmers ?

It is designed to be worn with cycling shorts when biking. To be more specific, it is usually about ankle length to the midpoint on the thigh and is worn under bib shorts to hold them in place.

Many manufacturers have produced it with a silicone grip at the upper legs for giving extra grip and rigidity. In addition to keeping warm, the gaiter also plays a role in limiting injury in the event of an accident.

How to Wear Them Probably?

To keep the gaiters up, you should select the one with the right size and elasticity. On the other hand, you also have to know how to wear them probably:

  • First, wear biking shorts and socks.
  • After that, you roll up your shorts and start wearing the warmers so that its top strap is in the middle of your thigh or just above.
  • Then, roll your short back to the original position. Bikers who use gaiters with grippers on the top often shave their legs, as grippers cling more tightly on smooth surfaces.

How to Choose a Good Pair of Cycling Leg Warmers?

A pair of suitable gaiters must have similar sizes to your shorts. Moreover, it must have good elasticity so that you can move easily without having to worry about it falling down.

Apart from that, I suggest you buy the ones with grippers to keep them in place on your thigh.

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What To Look For When Buying A Pair Of Leg Warmers?


Most gaiters are made of Lycra material. Yet, those made of Elastane and thermal fleece are considered to be of higher quality for their breathability, weather resistance, and elasticity. When wearing this type of gaiter, you will be more comfortable because it keeps warm and removes sweat effectively.


Look for those products with their style that match the rest of your training gear, it is all about the overall look. Furthermore, you should also choose products that have molded and flexible technology around the joints, making sure there are openings in the lower leg area – this will give you more flexibility during your ride.

Reflective Components

Choosing products with reflective components is essential. If you use them when biking in poor lighting conditions, these components will glow and increase safety.

Reflective Components


Regarding size, you should pick the one that fits you perfectly. If a covering is too small or too big, it will eventually roll down during pedaling.

Leg Zips

Zippers are an essential part of gaiters. Since the material of the coverings is often very clingy to the body, it is difficult to put on or take off without zippers for the ankles.


Grippers are items helping to secure these coverings, which ensure that they will stay fixed on your thigh. I suggest you opt for those that are made from silicone to avoid potential skin irritation.


Why Should You Wear Cycling Leg Warmers?

These coverings are especially important for mountain biking on chilly days. If you do not wear them, the cold weather will adversely affect your health.

Although tights also help keep warm, they do not have the convenience of these coverings, which are easy to put on and take off.

Furthermore, their reflective color will help users attract attention when biking at night.

Why Should You Wear Cycling Leg Warmers

What Temperature Do You Wear Leg Warmers On a Bike?

Of course, you can not wear them all the time. So, what temperature do you wear leg warmers on a bike?

According to professional cyclists, the standard advice is that you should wear them when the temperature reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit or lower.

Can You Wear Leg Warmers Under Cycling Tights?

When outdoor temperatures drop, wearing tights and gaiters together is advisable. You also can wear these coverings under cycling tights, as their grippers adhere better to the body when they are in contact with bare skin.

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Final Thoughts

Finally, you have learned how to keep cycling leg warmers up after reading this blog. Make sure that you note down all the tips we have provided above!

I hope that the content of this article can help you choose an appropriate covering and no longer worry about how to wear them properly.

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