How to Keep Shoes Dry When Cycling? Must-Know Tips For Cyclists

How to Keep Shoes Dry When Cycling

Riding a bike is a healthy activity. But doing it with your feet wrapped in wet shoes can be unbearable. Today, I will show you how to keep shoes dry when cycling.

Cycling is a hobby chosen by many people to exercise in both rainy and sunny seasons. However, some people only cycle on clear days. The reason is that they hate getting their feet wet but do not know how to keep cycling shoes dry.

Wearing wet shoes is a bad habit that you should break. In addition to bringing discomfort, it also entails health problems if continued for a long time.

But there are many ways to keep them dry on heavy rainy days. And the truth is, it is not as hard as you thought. Here are some things to need to know to stay dry and comfortable.

Can Cycling Shoes Get Wet?

Yes, of course. And below are the 3 main reasons.

How To Keep Shoes Dry When Cycling


Can cycling shoes get wet on hot summer days? Again, it’s a big YES. Cycling for too long will cause you high temperatures and sweat a lot. It is one of the reasons why your shoes become damp.

Usually, the amount of sweat can not drown your footwear. However, you can not deny the uncomfortable, dirty feeling when wearing them. The worst thing is that your shoes will have a terrible smell in this case.

Ponds of Water

Although it is not during the rainy season, there can be some water ponds on the road. Just cycling through a large one, your shoes can get wet. In addition to getting your feet wet, they might be stained with dirt.


Rain is probably the kind of weather that cyclists hate the most. They make movement difficult. And obviously, the rainy season comes means you have to deal with a pair of wet shoes all the time.

It will be inconvenient if you want to take time to ride a bike every day, but your shoes are all wet due to the constant rain. If you want to know how do I keep my feet dry when cycling in the rain, it is time for you.

how do I keep my feet dry when cycling in the rain

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Why Should You Keep Shoes Dry When Cycling?

Uncomfortable Feeling

The most specific thing about cycling in the rainy season is the uncomfortable feeling when your feet have to wear a pair of wet shoes.

Wearing cycling shoes is often quite stuffy. It gets even worse when rainwater seeps into the shoe and takes up all the space of oxygen. As a result, your feet are wet and slimy.

Bad Smell

When exercising, the sweat glands in the feet are active and produce a lot of sweat. It will create a very terrible smell because the sweat is not cleaned.

This stench will not only stick in your shoes but linger on your feet as well if the situation lasts long. Many people think this is a small matter. But, apart from losing self-confidence, it can be worse if prolonged.


Wearing wet shoes often will harm your feet. Without a dry and clean environment, the skin of the feet becomes weaker and is prone to blisters or even cracks. Besides, rubbing your feet against the shoes during cycling causes blisters.

This is a common condition for people who regularly play sports. But if the situation is more serious, it can cause wounds that make it difficult for you to move.

Feet Fungus

Often wearing wet shoes will create an environment for bacteria to grow. If this happens constantly, you may have foot fungus. It may not be a serious illness, but it is difficult to treat.

Feet fungus causes itching and flaking off the skin. If not treated promptly, it will form sores, swelling, bleed or spread to other toes. This will be painful and very inconvenient for you.

How to Keep Shoes Dry When Cycling?

Waterproof Socks

Waterproof socks will not be much different from other ordinary products at first glance. But when you take it and cycle on rainy days, it will turn out to be your savior.

A good product will be able to stretch and hug your feet closely. It brings you the feeling of light and smoothness. But the main use that you focus on is the ability to waterproof and keep your feet dry.

These products will have an extra layer of waterproof membrane that covers the outside of the regular socks. This membrane will prevent water from seeping into your feet by osmosis.

There are many waterproof socks on the market today. But, you should choose products with quality, soft materials. Also, selecting high IP-rated ones help you to get the best result.

Waterproof socks that are too stiff, less stretchy will be hard to put on. It will make you feel like you are wearing heavy rubber boots.

Shoe Covers

Rain shoe covers are made of super durable silicone. This material is waterproof, mud-proof, and easy to wash off after every use. The covers help protect your shoes from getting wet and dirty when cycling on rainy days.

The covers can hug your feet closely. They do not entangle and bring comfort. Moreover, rainwater no longer runs into the inside.

Shoe Covers

Shoe covers often come with anti-slip soles to ensure user safety. You should also choose quality products. Because of the high elasticity, you can put on them easily within a few seconds.

You can use these covers for many different cycling shoes because they have good flexibility and stretchability. The size of the silicone shoe cover is very compact. It will be easy for you to fold and carry them, store them in a backpack or bag.

Waterproof Shoes

If you use ordinary shoes for cycling in the rain, your feet will be soaked in water and have many problems such as numbness, blistering, or foot fungus. Therefore, waterproof ones will be a great choice to help you avoid these problems.

Waterproof cycling shoes have a similar appearance to regular products. However, they have an extra waterproof lining. This layer works to help protect your feet from the rain and polluted water outside.

Waterproof Shoes

These products are made of special and sturdy materials. In addition to being water-resistant, keeping your feet dry, they can also protect your feet from dangerous objects.

Keeping your shoes in good condition is important. Regularly cleaning the surface with a soft, absorbent wiping cloth is another necessary step. Besides, don’t use strong detergents to wash them to avoid peeling and damaging them.

Rain Boot

Rain Boot

Rain boots are also a solution if you cycle on rainy days. They are made from PVC or rubber combined with cotton and polyester blend to keep your feet dry even in heavy rain in the winter.

Currently, rain boots come in a variety of models and colors. Their prices are not too high. Owning a pair of rain boots will save you more than investing in an expensive pair of waterproof shoes.

Rain boots usually have a high neck that reaches up to your calves. Besides, it can not stretch and hug your feet snugly. These are their advantages.

Because of the specific material, rain boots are heavy and not very flexible. They may be a temporary solution. But, if you need to cycle through the rainy season, think about the most convenient one.

Waterproof Sprays For Shoes

Waterproof Sprays For Shoes

It is so easy to keep your shoes dry by this method. All you need is to spray a waterproof cover outside your cycling shoes before going out. Once dry, this layer will prevent water from wet feet.

Waterproof sprays will not change the appearance or color. On average, the sprayed layers take 20 – 30 minutes to dry. Some types of spray may take longer. If you want a better result, you can apply more than one layer to your cycling shoes.

One disadvantage of using waterproofing spray is that some products will have a terrible smell. If you do not want to cough when using, you should check carefully with the seller before deciding to buy.

In addition, I do not suggest you use waterproof sprays for products with breathable fabric and many small holes. It might not give the desired effect because water can still seep into the shoes even if you sprayed them with waterproof lining.

Tips To Keep Shoes Dry When Cycling

First of all, you can not keep your shoes dry while cycling if they are directly exposed to rainwater. Therefore, choosing a protector is essential. Rain boots, covers, waterproof shoes, or waterproof spray are all suitable if it pleases your needs.

Choose shoes, rain boots, or covers that are the right size for your feet. You certainly do not want your feet to get wet, even if you invest in protectors, don’t you?

If you do not want to wear damp shoes when riding, clean and dry them immediately after each time they get wet. This also helps to keep your cycling shoes from smelling.

How to Dry Your Wet Cycling Shoes Quickly?

How To Dry Your Wet Cycling Shoes Quickly_


Because of the useful results, many people like to use old newspapers to dry shoes. It is a simple method. You only need to round up the newspaper and stuff it into the soles of your shoes. Then, you should find a dry place to put them in.

Your shoes dry naturally after 20-30 minutes because newspapers can absorb moisture. You should choose white paper with a few color prints and words to avoid ink smearing on your favorite ones.


Drying cycling shoes with a dryer is the quickest and most convenient way. You ought to dry your soaked ones at a suitable temperature. Besides, do not place the dryer too close to the shoes; the distance of 8 – 12 inches is enough.

Your shoes will be drier after 30 – 40 minutes. You can use either a hairdryer or cloth dryer. But, there are some things to consider.

Check the label to make sure you can use a dryer with your products. Besides, do not use the dryer if your shoes have leather details because it will damage them.

It is hard to find a dry place for your shoes during a long rainy day. So, using a fan to dry them is a way to save you. The wind of the fan will help your shoes dry quickly.

You tie your shoes to both ends of the hanger. Next, hang the shoe hook on the fan. You need to ensure the inside of the shoe is facing the fan blade. Finally, turn on the fan to the highest level until they are completely dry.


Don’t get it wrong. You don’t have to put your shoes in the fridge to dry them. You just need to place them in front of the vent of the refrigerator. The air escaping there will speed up the drying process.

Remove the laces and soles for the best results. Also, place the opening of the shoe facing the vent. Keep them overnight, and you have a clean and dry shoe tomorrow morning.


How Do I Keep My Feet Dry When Cycling In The Rain?

As mentioned above, there are plenty of ways to keep your feet dry while cycling in the rain. The most convenient and fastest way is to buy yourself quality and waterproof shoes. Alternatively, you can try other methods like using shoe covers, cycling boots, or waterproof socks.

How Do I Keep My Feet Dry When Cycling In The Rain_

Can I Use A Dryer For My Cycling Shoes?

You can use a dryer for your shoes to help dry them out faster. However, if they have gel soles or contain leather details, you should not use this tool because the high heat will damage them.

Are All Cycling Shoes Waterproof?

Not all shoes are water-resistant. Usually, you have to find products that are specialized for sports or quality to not get wet when cycling. It will probably cost more than regular ones. But, It will be a good investment if you want to ride a bike in the rainy season.

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Any inconvenience will disappear once you know how to keep shoes dry when cycling. Dry shoes and clean feet on rainy days are now easy things.

Dry ones not only protect your feet but also prevent future health problems. It motivates you to persevere with cycling in any kind of weather.

Now, you do not have to hesitate if you want to take your bike out and go for a ride while it is raining heavily. All you need is to prepare a suitable method to prevent your shoes and feet from getting wet.

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