How to Stop Cycling Shorts Riding Up? Go For 10 Simple Ways!

How to Stop Cycling Shorts Riding Up

Your shorts keep riding up no matter your size as it doesn’t fit correctly. Is that the main reason? How to stop cycling shorts riding up? Keep reading!

It’s fun to wear shorts as you’re so free to move about and do any activities you adore. That’s it! It’s non-debatable when it comes to their comfort and versatility.

However, once they get riding up, you will feel another way – weird feelings?

Riding up is a popular phenomenon that almost everyone encounters. The reasons may be the incorrect size, the fabrics, or the shorts’ lengths.

Yet, how can you deal with this uncomfortable issue? Take a peek at the solutions here and other relevant understandings.

How to Stop Cycling Shorts Riding Up?

As convenient as they are, sometimes the cycling shorts disturb you somehow. Among those issues, you really dislike how they get riding up. And I’m no exception. I used to get mad a lot until I found these tricks. Let’s see!

Check Out The Fitness

First and foremost, I recommend you notice how the shorts fit your body. Many take up the mistake that every short is just the same. And whether they fit your body isn’t necessary.

The looser the fit of your shorts to you, the easier they get riding up.

Better yet, go for cycling shorts that have a grip on your thighs. I mean, the tighter, the better, provided that they are wearable and comfortable. I’m sure that you know what shorts best fit you.

Towards the too loose items in your wardrobe, I recommend having a tailor to help you out. They would adjust the shorts to your comfort based on your real body measurements.

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Consider The Materials Used

Consider The Materials Used

Cycling shorts are designed like form-fitting ones for cyclists, no doubt. Hence, the materials used are selective to spread the maximum comfort to the users. Light-weight micro denier or close-knit woven fabrics are requisite in most shorts’ types.

For explanation, these kinds of materials would protect your body against excessive sweat and moisture during the journey.

Prior to buying new items, check out if their materials are stretchy or not.

The stretchiness implies how well the cloth holds onto the thighs while you’re moving.

Wearing an outfit with suitable stretchiness is a way to boost your self-confidence.

Utilize Cornstarch Paste Or Fabric Paste

Utilize Cornstarch Paste Or Fabric Paste

The fabric and cornstarch paste are low-cost DIY solutions for ride-up shorts.

Finding them is never a matter as they can be easily found in almost all local hardware and stores.

After purchasing, mix the powder with water. Spread the composition to the end of your cycling shorts and let it naturally dry in about 40 mins.

The shorts will have a little stiffness in the ends this way, ending up a non-riding-up.

Use Clear Silicone Caulk

Silicone caulk is used to seal the showers and tubs’ cracks or window cracks. It becomes rubbery when drying. And this feature aids in gripping the shorts more in your thighs.

It’s easy to find this material at a low cost. I bought it for about $4. Still, its smell seems to be not-so-nice. Thus, you might as well use it in ventilated areas.

Beyond that, the product can cause skin irritation while it doesn’t completely dry, which takes almost a day.

Sew Some Elastic Bands

Sew Some Elastic Bands

No wonder clothing fasteners and elastic bands work wonders in limited riding up. Sewing them serves as a holder of your shorts’ ends and keeps them tight.

This solution is notably recommended for those who have thin thighs. Try it out, and you will figure out the jaw-dropping effect it carries on.

Polyester Boning Design

Give it a try with the polyester boning design. This product is sewn between the shorts’ thighs.

Once applied correctly, the shorts will hinder from bunching in between and riding up.

Coming up with four different sizes: 1/2-inch, 2-inch, 4-inch, and 5-inch. Anyone could buy it online altogether with roughly $5 to $10 each.

Wear Longer Cycling Shorts

Wear Longer Cycling Shorts

Tired of pulling the shorts down constantly? Longer cycling shorts are good to go. If you’re all set to know that longer shorts will cause less riding up, it’s time to check it out!

Longer shorts are often in place easier than a short hem that ends right at where your thighs touch. In other words, the longer the shorts are, the more it acts as pants would.

Anyway, fixing your ride up short is the contemporary method. A proper diet and exercise regimen will get you back altogether and maintain a good body. Consulting a nutritionist is also the best possible advice for you guys.

Fold The Ends

Folding the shorts’ ends will undoubtedly make it a bit tighter, somehow bulky. This tip does the trick in preventing the shorts from riding up.

How an easy and quick remedy, as long as not overfold the shorts. Otherwise, you may cause discomfort to yourself.

Cut The Loose Ends

Not just the cycling shorts, all shorts’ types tend to be loose over time. The more you use it, the easier it gets riding up. These loosened parts are the primary reason for riding up.

To this end, cutting the shorts’ tree ends will handle this issue. There is no need to buy a new one, either.

Then, sew the shorts’ ends to hold tighter. A big fear of getting ride-up shorts is no longer.

Have Things Done With Clips

To cyclists, few things can ruin their ride experience. Imagine constantly pulling the shorts during cycling, it isn’t comforting. Another method to fix the issue is using clips.

To make cycling easier, make the most of clips to remove the ride-up problem. They can structure the shorts’ ends to stiff and hinder them from riding up.

But, you might as well cover the clips with a cloth; thereby, the shorts won’t be uncomfortable.


What Is The Difference Between Women And Men Cycling Shorts?

What Is The Difference Between Women And Men Cycling Shorts_

Just draw attention to the pads and designs of the two genders’ outfit design. The women’s shorts tend to be shorter, with the pads narrower in the middle and lower in the front.

They’re even pocketless recently and more skin-tight and ‘’fitting’’.

On the other hand, shorts for men only ‘fit’ if they are high-end and modern styles, coming up with a slim look. They’re often right above or past the knees.

Are Short Shorts Going To Ride Up?

Despite being short, these still ride up a bit, depending on the material and their lengths.

Just try purchasing ones that fit your body well. Thereby, you somewhat monitor the riding-up level.

What To Do If Your Shorts Keep Getting Stuck?

What To Do If Your Shorts Keep Getting Stuck_

If you get troubles like this, a more relaxed and loose silhouette can be the life savor. Research the Internet and learn how to loosen your cycling shorts yet not cause a ride-up issue.

Notwithstanding, as I mentioned above, too loose shorts may lead to riding up. Still, keep them at a certain loose level.

But if you find no positive end for your status, a looser style like boyfriend’s shorts will be a good alternative.

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By and large, riding up the shorts is something stressful. Still, owing to the comfort they give to use, they become irreplaceable parts in everyone’s wardrobe.

Still, the ride-up shorts can make you feel low. Don’t let this minor issue ruin your journey. This is the reason why I’m here to help.

That’s being said. I’ve rounded up each solutions’ ins-and-outs on “how to stop cycling shorts riding up”. Through my support, you may somewhat lessen the issue and make it less hassle.

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