Top 10 Things To Avoid When Buying A New Bike You Should Remember

10 Things To Avoid When Buying A New Bike

This is the first time you buy a cycle, but you don’t know what to do. Worry not. Click here to find the top 10 things to avoid when buying a new bike.


You intend to buy a new bicycle, but you do not know clearly about this type of vehicle. Because you have to spend quite a lot of money on it and use it for a long time, you should consider it carefully before deciding.

But, where to start from scratch? Don’t worry. I’ve got you covered with 10 things shouldn’t do when buying a new bike.

Top 10 Things To Avoid When Buying A New Bike You Should RememberWhat should we avoid when buying a new bike?

10 Things To Avoid When Buying A New Bike

There are lots of things you have to notice: from your purpose, your budget, kind of bicycle, accessories, etc. Each thing will be explained particularly below. Reading all my tips means you are one step closer to your dream bicycle.

Buying Without A Riding Test

Simply looking around or touching a bike doesn’t help to figure out whether a bike truly fits with you or not. You have to request the seller a ride test to have practical experience.

Almost every bicycle store has a demo or test bike. It would be best to do more than some pedals in the store or a nearby park. The bike dealers allow you to rent the demo bike a day to understand that bike fully. Talk to them to know about your options.

If the store, unfortunately, doesn’t let you borrow the bike, don’t be concerned. Many bicycle manufacturers organize free demo days throughout the year. The registration process is not complicated.

You must be at least 18 years old or go to the store with your legal guardians. Take along with you a valid driver’s license (with photo) and a major credit card to test ride (so that the seller can ensure that you will come back with the bike).

Buying A Bike Online

The second thing you should bear in mind is not buying a bike online. You can not ensure that the bicycle bought from a website truly works wonders for you. The main disadvantage of this method is you won’t get a ride test before buying.

Not taking a prior test means you do not have the opportunity to feel how the bike handles with different surfaces. Maybe you will think, why don’t we take a ride test held by the manufacturer first, then go home and buy it online.

I believe that is a bad idea. Even if the bike bought online and the one you take a ride test are the same size, not all bicycles perform consistently. Moreover, you will have to hire someone to assemble all the parts of that bike if you don’t know how to do.

Another problem relates to the shipping procedure. Assume some parts of the bike are broken, you have to send them back to the online retailer. You will waste time waiting for it to be fixed and delivered to you again.

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Making A Hasty Selection

If you don’t like how a bicycle handles or its appearance, don’t choose it as you get a nice offer or have a few bucks less than other shops.

Keep in mind that you will probably use it for many years and spend hours sitting on it. It means you should be comfortable with the package you’re getting.

Being loyal to a certain brand can be a good thing. But, you always consume Shimano products doesn’t mean you are not allowed to try Cannondale or Trek.

Suppose the Shimano model truly satisfies you. If not, it’s fine, you can find your desired one of different brands.

Being Hesitant To Talk With Salesperson

Before coming into the stores, you definitely searched for some information to find your list of favorite bikes. Hence, it’s easy to understand that you think you do not need assistance.

However, once standing in front of various types of bicycles, you’ll soon get overwhelmed and perplexed. And the information you find on the Internet won’t help you as much as you expect.

There are many different shapes, technical parameters of bikes that you can not know what your most suitable bike is. At this time, don’t be reluctant to consult with the salespersons.

Many bike firms offered specialized online training to shop staff with different models’ latest advantages and disadvantages. They can provide some suggestions you might have missed.

Buying A Bike That Doesn’t Align With Your Riding Goal

Before buying a bike, you should know which kind of this vehicle is right for you and your purpose. Stick to type when shopping, or else, you will stray from the track when facing many bikes.

Maybe you don’t know, but there are 14 kinds of bicycles, including distinct purposes. For example, road bikes, known as racing bikes, are meant for speed, with lightweight, drop handlebars and narrow tires for rolling fast and far on paved surfaces.

Don’t buy a road model and then complain why you can use it to climb the mountain. If your intention when buying a bike is to conquer hills, please choose a mountain bike. This durable, rugged bicycle is made for riding narrow dirt trails.

Choosing A Bike That Is Above Your Skill Level

The next important thing that you should not ignore is your skill level. It’s essential to recognize how experienced you are when riding a bike.

Have you just completed learning how to ride it, or can you handle a mountain bike professionally? Each skill level is suitable for one type of bike.

As I know, the competence of a rider is divided into 6 levels. At the lowest one – level 1, riders can cycle or balance it with the help of someone holding them up. They couldn’t keep the bike upright.

On the other hand, at the highest level – level 6, cyclists are very comfortable on their bicycles. They have the techniques and mental focus required to ride long distances and tackle different surfaces and conditions.

This might be the biggest mistake new buyers make. It’s easy to get in over your head as we all like to think we are more capable than we actually are in real life.

So, if you are not sure, please share your experience with the salespersons, they definitely will help you find the best one.

Skipping The Accessories

Many buyers think about a certain budget for a bike before coming into stores. But, they omit the needed accessories.

In fact, many people ride a bike happily in their casual clothes, possibly just taking along with them a rucksack to carry things. However, if you ride regularly, whether to exercise or travel, several accessories can make your time on your vehicle easier, safer, and more comfortable.

Top 10 Things To Avoid When Buying A New Bike You Should RememberAvoid skipping accessories when buying a new bike

Some are important, while others are good to have. At least, you should have a helmet, quality cycling shorts, light, floor pump, and water bottle cages.

Forgetting To Ask About Discounts And Extra Offers

Like many other products, there will be some discounts or special offers in the year. Notice this time, and you can save a few hundred dollars. It sounds great, right? But, do you know when this golden time will happen?

If you want to buy a new one, autumn is usually your best option. At this time, stores often sell the product on inventory with discounts to prepare space for newer models.

If you don’t have a dream bike in mind, taking advantage of a store’s overstock is a great way to save money. Or assuming that you do not mind cycling the previous year’s model, you can almost save a hundred dollars.

But no matter how great a deal seems, never buy a bicycle that doesn’t suit you right. The appropriate bike is important, you will regret it if you ignore it in the long run.

Walking Out Of The Store Forever After You Buy

Once you buy a bicycle at a shop, you also have a relationship with that store. And, they know what you like as well as how you ride, they can give you some useful suggestions.

Your product is under special care from the seller in the first year (not really a warranty). For instance, if you don’t know how to change a flat tire, take your bike to the store, and they will fix it for you.

You should have a relationship with the shop from which you buy the bikeYou should have a relationship with the shop from which you buy the bike

Putting A Custom Bike Out Of Mind

It’s understandable that a pro cyclist can’t seek a bike that matches his skills and abilities. That’s when a custom-built model has its moment.

Almost all the bike stores are willing to help you custom your own bike, so don’t be reluctant to tell them. The process of ruling out a custom bike is also not complicated.

After a builder collects your measurements, he will ask about your experiences with the previous bike, your riding skill level. You should also tell about what characteristics you like and don’t like, component and paint options, and budget.

Putting a Custom Bike out of mindPutting a Custom Bike out of mind

The bike manufacturer should list out all steps. Then, he shares detailed processes with you through email or social media.

This action can help you to update the production procedure, check whether something is wrong, and report it to the builders as soon as possible.

After all, what you get is a just-because bike that pleases you in every single specification.

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As stated above, buying a cycle is not a task you can finish within a snap of your fingers. You need to think economically and practically to draw a line between your temporary favorite bike and the one that can bring you lasting value.

After reading my top 10 things to avoid when buying a new bike, I hope you can understand the numerous things to evade and have your own bike.

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