Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling? How to Safely Carry It?

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling

Where do you put your phone when cycling? The method you choose to keep your mobile, as well as your other belongings, will prove how efficient you are!


Riding on your bicycle around is going to be a hassle if you keep having to babysit a delicate piece of technology. Many cyclists like you have come up with countless ways to carry their phones with them for the sake of convenience and safety.

So, let’s go through all of them to see what method would fit you best.

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling

Where Do You Put Your Phone When Cycling?

Here are the 14 ways you can keep your mobile device on your rides with you without risking damage to it. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages, so you can compare them and pick one for yourself.

Bike-Specific Phone Case:

If you look to fix your phone in one place, bike-specific phone case will be the ultimate option. It is also the cheapest and most practical method of mobile safe-keeping for those who cycle often.

The case will allow you to strap your device to your bike via Velcro, form-fitting straps, or clasps – so that you will have the device steadily right on the front of the bike’s handle.

Bike-Specific Phone Case


  • Safe and cheap
  • Highly customizable to the buyer’s preference
  • Can be installed and uninstalled easily


  • Requires selectiveness from the buyer

Quad Lock:

If the smartphone case is the practical choice for casual bikers, then the Quad Lock is such an option for those who prefer long trips.

Quad Lock

It’s a little excessive if you think about it – as the mechanic of the lock on your handlebar is supposed to fuse the phone to your bike. For that state of permanence to happen, you will need to have a compatible phone case with it.


  • Utterly safe and secured
  • Good for long trips and busy streets


  • Requires a proper phone case to fit

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Plastic Bag:

A simple plastic bag on the side of your bike is a cheap and simple way to solve all your phone-related problems. Aside from keeping the phone right within your reach, the plastic bag (if tied properly) can save your phone from the elements as well. So long as you pick a bag that can properly support the weight of your device, the bag should be able to shield it from rain and snow!


  • Cheap and easy to use
  • Can be found around the house
  • Weatherproof


  • Can rip easily


The armband is a rehashed idea from running, and now it can be a part of your cycling routine! Since you don’t swing your arms around as with running, the armband is even more helpful with your bike rides.

However, you can’t see your screen when you’re riding, as it can be uncomfortable and unsafe to stare at your forearms instead of the road.

If you rely on your smartphone for directions, you might not want to use the armband.



  • Convenient at keeping your phone stationed


  • Can not be used to implement screen display

Jersey Pocket:

If your cycling attire consists of a jersey, then you simply have to plop your phone into your pocket! It would be even better if your jersey is equipped with a zipper on its opening since that will keep the device in one place.

Still, you will need to secure the device some other way if it does not properly fit into the jersey pocket!

Jersey Pocket

The jersey is not very effective in physical damage protection, as well. So be careful if the road is a little bumpy!


  • Convenient at keeping your phone stationed
  • Zipped pocket can hold phones safely


  • Phone can slip out if it’s bigger than the pocket

Cargo Shorts / Bib Shorts:

Instead of having to install a different pocket or bring another bag with you on your rides, why don’t you try taking up another clothing item that also has secured pockets? Get yourself cargo shorts with lycra or mesh pockets on the side or back of the item.

Cargo Shorts or Bib Shorts


  • Does not require additional preparation


  • Does not look good aesthetically
  • Cannot allow easy access to the phone

Bar Bag:

The bar bag is similar to the Quad Lock, as you will have your phone secured on your handlebar – where you need it to be. Different from the Quad Lock, this tool will not allow you to see your screen – it keeps your device away from the elements. The bag can also store other small things like keys and IDs!

Bar Bag


  • Keeps the phone within buyer’s reach
  • Protects the phone from rain, snow and more


  • Cannot show the phone’s screen


You will surely want to bring your backpack with you on a long-distance route, which poses an obvious choice for the smartphone to stay! Moreover, this item is also ideal for protecting your device from bad weather.

Note: Please do keep in mind that you must keep the backpack away from sharp and hard objects to prevent it from being damaged.



  • Protects the device from rain, snow, and more
  • Keeps the phones safe from external damage


  • Cannot show the phone’s screen
  • Risks the phones being damaged by items in the backpack


Most typical bicycles on the market should be able to provide you with a basket. Even if it does not, you can always ask your warranty provider for one, should it still be in the plan.

On the other hand, the phones will jostle around the basket if you have nothing inside with them – you will not have the best security with this method. You will not be able to keep your device from thieving hands as well.



  • Convenient and easy to grab on the road


  • Unsafe for the phone against other passengers and the elements

Your Pocket:

Depending on the type of pocket you have on your own pants of choice, you will be able to have lots and lots of options for smartphone keeping as far as your wardrobe stretches. Your pocket is absolutely attached to your body, so you will not have to fear for your phone’s safety!

Your Pocket


  • Gives you lots of choices from your own closet
  • Allows you to keep your phones beside you physically


  • Phones may slip out and fall as you move about

Top Tube Bag:

The top tube bag is the combination between the bar bag and the Quad Lock, as the bag’s primary function is to keep the phones visible on your handlebar.

What such a hybrid has over its original compartments is the fact that the pocket of the top tube bag has a transparent plastic gloss, instead of leaving the phone out and about or covering it up completely. In this way, you can shield the screen while still seeing what it displays under bad weather.

The top tube bag is also a fashionable bike accessory!

Top Tube Bag


  • Fashionable and easy to install
  • Keeps the phone safe while allowing a visible window


  • Can be expensive to get

Inner Tube Bag:

It used to be a popular choice among bike messengers before cycling became a popular sport! In particular, this option is similar to a cross-body bag or a fanny pack, but it’s much closer to your body and it’s available in many materials or designs!

Inner Tube Bag


  • Extra protection for your phones


  • Forces you to reach into the bag to get

Sling Bag:

The sling bag is another item similar to the messenger bags, but the models can be quite big for daily carry. Depending on how often you are having your rides, you will have a great time scrolling through any shop’s selection!

Sling Bag


  • Compact and convenient
  • Can carry more things than just phones


  • Forces you to reach into the bag to get

Frame Bag:

Different from the top tube one, the frame bag dangles parallel from the frame of your bike, carrying your belongings. Instead of weighing on your handlebar and hindering your turns, the bag on the frame of your bike simply does not put any distractions on your rides!

Frame Bag


  • Keep your smartphone safe from swinging and damage
  • Can be complementary to the top tube bag


  • Can make the entire bike heavier

Zip-Lock Bag:

The Zip-Lock bag is the most classic option that your parents would recommend to you (they probably use it themselves in the kitchen or on the road).

You can clip the bag onto your handlebar or your frame, or you can keep it anywhere else. It does not matter because the bag keeps the phone from getting wet, scratched, or broken.

Zip-Lock Bag


  • Easy to find and use
  • Cheap and durable


  • Can slip and slide around
  • Offers no security

Where Is The Best Place To Keep My Phone While Cycling?

Have you got yourself any idea about the best suit choice? Read this section if you still need more suggestions!

Where Is The Best Place To Keep My Phone While Cycling

Where? Why?

The trick to finding the perfect spot for your device is to consider how you want to utilize the smartphone. Here’s how you test out this trick:

  • If you want to have a peaceful and quiet bike ride, you can tuck your phones away on your back, your thigh, your frame or on your basket. When your device is out of sight, it will not bother you with notifications, calls or demands your attention every two minutes.

Keeping it out of reach will also help you curb your screen addiction and let you focus on the scenic surrounding of your ride!

  • If you want to keep track of where you’re going as well as how well you’re performing physically, keeping your device directly on your handlebar is the best choice.

You might want to find a phone-keeping method that assures that the device does not get exposed to the weather, but it will be worth it.

Phone-keeping method

  • If you want to take calls and texts without having to look at the phone’s screen, keep it strapped to your body so you can feel vibrations and stay alert!

Pairing your smartphone with a pair of earphones will allow you to receive calls without touching the phone’s screen as well.

Tips & Suggestions

  • If your phone is exposed (for its screen to be visible), make sure other passengers cannot reach for it and snatch it away easily. You can do this by utilizing tight clasps and straps, or simply zipping the device away.
  • Switching on your location is going to be a good idea, especially when you’re heading into the wilderness. Be sure to pin your safety quarters for easy redirection as well!
  • If you are going for a long time, you should bring along a portable power bank and/or a charging cable. This makes sure that even if you are outside for longer than you expect, your connection back to civilization is still alive and kicking.

Should I Carry My Smartphone With Me While Cycling?

Yes, especially if you are biking to places you don’t know. Your device will not keep you safe, as it is not a method of self-defense, but it can give you a channel of communication back to places or people you trust. Leaving something that important behind on your trips is not the wisest choice!

Should I Carry My Smartphone With Me While Cycling

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In the end, where do you put your phone when cycling? – Any of those listed options, as long as it meets your demands. Make sure that you note down all of their cons as well!

Let us know in the comments or in our inbox, where you can reach us anytime!

Thank you for reading this article, and if there are still any lingering questions, please allow us to take your confusion away. We wish you luck on your cycling trips!

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