Why Does My Chest Hurt After Cycling? Benefits From Daily Cycling

Why Does My Chest Hurt After Cycling

Chest pain appearing when you ride a bike can be caused by several reasons. Let me help you answer your concern “why does my chest hurt after cycling?“.

Since you can do exercise and enjoy the fresh air simultaneously, riding a bike becomes one of the preferable outdoor activities. However, some occasional chest pain occurred during your cycling practice, confusing you to consider and give up this healthy sport.

I’ll answer why your chest feels painful after cycling by listing a few mild to severe conditions involving the nerves, lungs, or heart.

Why Does My Chest Hurt After Cycling?

Increased Heart Rate, Blood Pressure & Breathing

This pain is defined as angina. Your heart will definitely beat faster with intensity. Prolonged tachycardia will slow the blood to reach the heart in time. Its blood circulatory function to the other body’s part is reduced. Once detecting the blood, your heart pumps blood stronger, increasing your blood pressure.

In addition, quicker pulsation also causes the lungs to work harder so that blood gains enough oxygen to the heart, leading to chest tightness, dizziness, and difficulty breathing.

Intercostal Neuralgia

It is also a common neuropathic pain during exercise. The pain will appear in the front of the upper body and then spread along the ribs and spine. Your rib cage may be very tight and hurt when you breathe. This symptom can confuse you with heart diseases.

Intercostal Neuralgia derives from many causes, but mostly it’s because you sit in the wrong position when pedaling for a long time. So, please readjust the correct sitting posture when cycling from now to prevent chest pain.

Indigestion and Gastrointestinal

You might think of this situation if you have eaten a large amount of food too quickly. Let’s recall whether you consumed hard-to-digest foods like sticky rice, chicken and chips, broccoli or not.

You may feel heartburn in your stomach and chest, accompanying side symptoms such as nausea and even difficulty breathing. If the pain goes away after you burp, it is indigestion and gastrointestinal.

Bronchial Spasm

Chest Hurt After Cycling

This phenomenon can occur in two cases. Firstly, it is a respiratory response to your vigorous exercise. The trachea is narrowed, slowing the delivery of oxygen to the lungs. The second case may be due to your past asthma.

Symptoms such as rib cage tightness, shortness of breath, and cough will appear and persist for 30-60 minutes or longer. It affects not only your pedaling habit but also your daily activities.

Heart Diseases

You had better pay close attention to this case since it is more dangerous than any diseases listed above.

Unlike angina, heart disease is the expression of the inherent weakness of your heart operation.

Heart-attack chest hurt comes and goes quickly, but its intensity can be dramatic. Other extra signals like dizziness, breath shortness are also more serious. If they go beyond your resistance ability, you will even pass out.

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What To Do If Your Chest Hurt After Cycling?

Be Calm

The first and foremost is your calmness. Not only when you endure chest pain but also other cycling injuries, keep calm.

If you get into a panic when the pain appears suddenly, the difficulty breathing will work on more horribly, resulting in the harder chest hurt.

Keep Track Of The Intensity And Frequency Of The Pain

Let’s keep track of the pain level and the frequency of this annoyance little by little. After each ride, please carefully take notes of the hurt duration and the accompanying symptoms. Also, do not forget to assess how the pain ends.

If it involves Intercostal Neuralgia or Indigestion and gastrointestinal problems, you yourself can address it by adjusting your posture and eating habits.

Contact the Doctor

What To Do If Your Chest Hurt After Cycling_

Doctors will become your saviors for emergencies in which you are exhausted with rib cage tightness.

Please bring your notebook with notes of past pain. After reviewing and carrying out some essential health tests, doctors will diagnose and give you useful advice.

Is Cycling Good For Lungs?

Is Cycling Good For Lungs

You are a cyclist enthusiast, but can you answer: is cycling good for lungs?

I will point out how your lungs benefit from this outdoor hobby.

When pedaling at a moderate pace early in the morning, your lungs can absorb the super fresh air. The pulsation of the lungs is reinforced, delivering the oxygen throughout your body more smoothly.

Is Cycling Bad For Your Heart?

Heart symptoms like angina and heart attack make you concerned, “Is cycling bad for your heart?”. Yet, cycling is proven supportive of heart health.

When natural air enters your body, it helps blood flow and circulation more efficiently. Also, burning calories with a daily 30-minute ride can prevent obesity, which is the origin of heart complications.

Cycling itself does not put your body under pressure. Heart-related chest pain largely depends on how you ride your bike (speed, posture, and force) and your medical history.

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Responding to the question, “Why does my chest hurt after cycling” I listed the chest annoyance possibilities related to different body departments such as nervous, digestive, respiratory, and circulatory systems.

I have also described a few typical symptoms of each phenomenon, easing you to rate your situations more accurately.

To sum up, I declare that cycling does not cause any drawback on health unless you ride a bike in the wrong way. Let’s adjust your cycling habits to improve your healthy lifestyle!

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